Vince Shlomi, the guy that’s on those annoying ShamWow and chopper machine (forgive me I don’t know what the product is) commercials got arrested for beating up a prostitute. That story is just so bizarre ShamWow Guy and Rorschachbecause in

reading the arrest report and seeing the picture of the prostitute there’s a lot of things that don’t add up. Well, the one thing that does is alcohol was a contributing factor and that can screw up perception in a big way.

The whole story was kind of an ‘interesting’ thing for me until I saw his mug shot. I recognized it from somewhere but I couldn’t place where. It didn’t hit me until I was making a comment on Facebook and Twitter saying he looked very familiar to me. I was making reference that I was going to see Watchmen again and when I saw Shlomi’s mug shot again it freaked me out how much he looked like the graphic novel drawings of Rorschach. The actor in the movie looks a lot like the drawing but Shlomi’s mug shot, with the wild hair and bruises, was so spot on I thought it was some weird April Fool’s joke.

I mean just look at the two. If you make Shlomi's hair red, the two would be very similar. Even without the red hair coloring it just looks like some odd possible viral marketing campaign, where this was set up to get people talking. If it were me, I'd check his house for a mask, or ask him about dead dogs with split skulls.



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Vince Shlomi and Rorschach: Separated at Birth? - Apr 02, 2009
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