The People's Front Runners
The Black Panel at SDCC
The MARCH Graphic Novel Panel at SDCC
Government Maze Runner
Burn Out Week
Rachel Dolezal Interview Commentary
The Ink is Black, The Ink is White
We Don't Serve Your Kind Here
The Jenner Bandwagon
Freedom of Speech
Violent Gang Members or Good Old Boys?
Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky
We Need the Black Worldmind
Rally Against SB1070 Five Years Later
Gwyneth's $29 Challenge is Far from Reality
Broken American Dream
Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride
No Rest for the Disenfranchaised
Social Comments Show a Disturbed America
Is He A Legitimate Candidate?
Showing the Gray
The Confusion of American Exceptionalism
My Life and Star Trek: The Next Generation
Trying to Explain the Eternal American Question
My Expereince with Obamacare Part 2
Fallen Icons and Hero Worship
Subculture vs Pop Culture
Goodbye to a Friend
My Expereince with the Obamacare
Economic Reality in Our America
Song to Match Life
The Mindset of Ray Rice
Death's Altered Perception
The Call Not Wanted
A Personal Reflcetion on Ferguson
Black Face Doesn't Solve the Ferguson Issue
Comic-Con 2014: Cosplay Photos
Comic-Con 2014: Travel Day
Strange Bedfellow: Soccer and Comic-Con
What Do You Need for a Production Company
The Bronco Chase and Social Action
Still Strong on Racist Comments
Some of My Best Friends Are
No Clear Way to Talk About Sex Videos
The World Doesn't Care About Us
About My Father
Prophets, Gurus and the Falsehoods Made on Facebook
The Universe, HIMYM and Play Crushes
Monday Morning Gaydar
How Crazy is AZ and other news
Can an Owner Catch a Break?
New Year, New Home
Junk Vs Knowledge in Media is the Same
Customer Service Experience
Tea Party Trumps Moderates
Emotionally Numb
Social Media Confusion
The Bullying Dilemma
Silent McWorkers No More
Failed Fraud Email

Fighting Little Racism
Social Media Ranting 3.0
The Neglected Working Poor
The Life Tango
Why am I an Aaron Sorkin Character Today?
My Protest Against Reality
Sorry I Will Not Attend the Riot
Conjuring Trayvon through Rachel Jeantel
Paula Deen Fired for Deeds not Words
Private Practice Men and Me
Privacy Lost
Observations of an Anti-Monsanto Rally
Social Media and Our Real Selves
Afternoon Tea Party
The Rap Against Rappers
The Exploitation of Farrah Abraham
Ranting about Internet Customer Service
A Round About Talk about Boston and Human Nature
Cosplay is NOT Consent
Angry Diabetic - Expensive Socks
The Ten Commandments Meal
We Have to Talk, Dr. Carson
Magical Mystery Reality Tour
Steubenville and the Press
Disney Damsels Not in Distress
Arizona Anti-Obama Rally
Christopher Dorner Causing Debate on Violence Motivation
Why Coming Out Mattered 30 Years Ago
Guns, Slavery and Civil Rights
Bringing Stats to a Gunfight
Morning Groans
Be Careful of Facebook 'Truths'
Fake Comment Heard Over Humble One
The Shooting Tragedy
Workers and Black Cyber Weekend
Elmo Got Fired
The Morning After the Election
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Ain't Going
Voting the Dozens
Your Childhood Now Belong to Us
My View from the Political Sidelines
Misleading Expense Report for President Obama
Questionable Reporting in the Whitney Kropp Story
The Hispanic-fied Mitt Romney
Answer the Question, Stop the Talking Points
Managing Diabetes on a Budget
OWS One Year Later
Hold the Coronation, The King Has No Clothes
Romney's Diplomacy A Dangerous Proposal
Reflections on the RNC and DNC Conventions
Breast Milk Rumor Could Hurt Internet Activist
Romney and the Human Gap
My Adventure with Voter ID
Now There's Out of Wedlock Rape?
Is Paul Ryan the First Gen-Xer on a National Ticket?
Todd Akin, the Smarter Al Greene of the GOP
Sandra Fluke A "Political Shill" According to The Five
Conspiracy Theorist Miss A Real Threat to Freedom
No Sometimes We Aren't that Smart
Paul Ryan, the Right VP Candidate
The Pretty Hate Machine
Pundits Eyes Lie
The Rachel Maddow Show Helps Me Crack the Mitt Tax Code
The Chicken and the Roost
An Open Letter to KFI about Tim Conway Jr
Seek Before You Speak
In Memoriam – Sally Ride
Rush to Understand the Aurora Shooting
We Know What is Best for You People
My Dislike of the Fake Comic-Con Fans
The Mythical African American Leaders
Mood Disorder for Rich and Famous, Substance Abuse for the Rest of Us
Why Conservatives Look Down at Regular Folks
Listen to Aaron Sorkin's Words and Act
Tomas Lopez Isn't a Replicant So He Was Fired
Is America Exceptional?
Following the Anderson Cooper is Gay Story
A Wake Up Call
Another Sad Lesson fron the Karen Klein Incident
Voting without Papers
The Biology of Conservative Conspiracies
The Debate about Comic-Con in San Diego
Not The Dream Act but Close
From Ideas to Fear for the Electorate
Real Time Google Earth? Bad Reporting
Minimum Raise - Business vs Workers
Cost of Birth Control - Women vs Men
Voter Fraud Not at the Ballot Box
Dread Over the Wisconsin Recall Election
Civil Discourse Found at Fox Affiliate
The Brave and the Bold
Romney Response Not Humane
Almost Another Year
The Blackification of Trayvon Martin by Fox News
Sympathy for Santorum
Conservatives Are Going to Use These as Examples
Anatomy of Stupidity
Trayvon Martin's Image Tarnished By 'Leaks'
Slow Comments by Republicans on Trayvon Martin Exposes Cowards
Trayvon Martin Exposes Our Truth
Fox News Promotes Fear of Gun Laws, Ignores Trayvon
Good Causes Hurt By Bad Representatives
Don't Renig 2012? You Really Went There?
I Will Not Be Diabetes Guy
Fear of Youth Vote and Kony2012
Mirror Republican Universe
Limbaugh Called My Sister a Slut
Paul Babeu Did the Right Thing, But Will it Cost Him?
Mitt Romney and Welfare Means Testing
Pat Buchanan Still Has A Voice
LGBTQ Love Needs Coverage on Valentine's Day
CPAC and the Oppressed One Percent
Occupy Silence
Rich Prepublican Thinking and the Poor
Fairness Tax from the Poor POV
Strange Presidential Criticsm
Santorum and his 50s Mentality
Elin Nordegren: Home Wrecker and Job Creator
McCain is Rich Beyond the Common Voter
Media Manipulation on the Death of Eugene Atencio
Going to the Doctor
The Fake Conspiracy of Time Covers and the Real Deceit of Fox News
Celebrity Child or Commentator?
Y'All Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind Up in Here
Why I Am Critical but Still Support #OccupyPhoenix and the Movement
Fox News Says We Are Thankful for Our Plight
#OccupyPhoenix and Policy Issues
Who Watches the #OccupyPhoenix Forum?
Joe Paterno and Herman Cain - Both Have Immoral Protectors
#OWS People Bad, Penn State Hooligans Good?
#OccupyPhoenix Update - Week 4
Judge William Adams Beats Video Beating
Limbaugh and Coulter are not Friends of Black People
Herman Cain: Don't Hate the Smoker, Hate the Game
Second Week of Occupy Phoenix
A Response to a Disappointed Occupy Phoenix Member
Herman Cain Campaign Poster
Sobering Look at Occupy Movement
Marco Rubio and Oral Heritage
First Week of Occupy Phoenix
Hating the 99%, Right Wing Style
Herman Cain and the Civil Rights Movement
Occupy Wall Street - Time to Suit Up
More Occupy Wall Street Musings
Chaotic Fringe Connections
Occupy Wall Street Musings
ASU, Black Face and a Teachable Moment
Are We a Focused Nation?
Phantom Drug Abusers and Greedy Urgent Care
Chaz Bono, DWTS and Fox News Controversy
Mayor Bloomberg and the Internment Camp Hoax
Can A Reporter Call Something 'Ghetto?'
Tom Coburn's Insensitive Assumption
It's Starting - Rick Perry for President?
Suicide over Nudity
My Day with Diabetes
The Dangerous Sign at the Iowa Debate
Bachmann: Submissive or Respectful
Liberals, Stop Lying to the Base about Wisconsin
Is There Racism in Captain America?
Ame Deal's Bad Life
Practical vs. True Believers
Gay Marriage in New York
An Open Letter to Gov. Christie
Questioning the Victim
We Want the Slop
Sarah Palin The Lady Gaga of Politics
The Cover Up Sin
Stop Thinking of Minority Voters as Borg
The Herman Cain Mutiny
Long Live the Federation
Stop Shaming Me for Money
Obama Can't Swim
Two Women on the Death of Bin Laden
Hating Donald Trump
Gotta Love Rachel Maddow
State Senator Bruce Caswell's Dangerous Proposal
Trump The Bully

Marilyn Davenport, Why?
Limbaugh Still Spreading Evil
Stop Treating People Like Icons
Yes, Virginia, We Do Admire Stupid People
Obama's Biracial Issue
In Response to PETA vs Parsons
The Real Villians
Obama Is Not the Kwisatz Haderach
PETA vs GoDaddy
Tax Joke
Eyes Went Off the Ball

We Is Dumb
Dribbling Out Information

Newt Can Be Forgiven
Fair Weather Progressives
Republican Coded Racism
Snot Nose James O'Keefe
Ignorant Rush Limbaugh
Defending Mike Huckabee
Freedom of Speech Is Not Through Facebook

Lack of Coverage of the Revolution at Home
On the Other Side of the Looking Glass
Time to Wake Up
The Folly of Michele Bachmann
The Poor Among Us
A Strange Election on the Horizon
Hefner and the Playboy Aura
External Ethnic Diversity Advisory Board
Science Fair Will Never Be The Super Bowl
Toxic Talk and Action
Don't Scam Me, You Want Money
Do Ask Do Tell
Race Still Defines Us
Can We Handle the Truth?
Cynicsm Grows Stronger
Grabbing Freedom in the Sack
The Government We Deserve
The Morality Police
Our Bleeding Ideals
The Tragedy of Social Networks
What the Administration Can Learn from Lindsay Lohan
You Don't Understand Our Pain

GOP Discipline
When a King Is Not A Kingmaker
Not Ready to Give Up Yet
The Lazy Electorate
Let the Jokers Win
An Open Letter to Sarah Palin
Dr. Laura, the Race Teacher
Prop. 8: It's Not Over Yet
Yes, I Said the Tea Party is Racist
You Need All the Facts
Action Is Not a Click Away
The Salary Man is Gone
Struggling to Make Ends Meet
Twitter Pruning
When the Insult is From the Same Side
My Nightmare with Chase Bank
Republicans Still Don't Understand Black People
Racist Tea Party
It Was in My Backyard and I Didn't Go
The White Man Tax
William Owens: Token Tea Party Black Man
Rush Limbaugh Attacks His Mental Equivalent
Why It Matters
Personal Diabetes News
Another One of Those Stories
Americans Won't Sacrifice
The Death of Privacy
Activism Not That Strong
An Exciting Black History Month
UCSD Black Student Conflict
Diabetes Doesn't Fit All the Same
Swallowing Pride
Finally Cable TV is Gone
The iPad
Shauna Sands Promotes Sex Tape
The American Dream Skewered
The American Stew Pot
Government Makes No Sense
Soon It Will Be The End of Cable TV
Congress At War With Us
Gay Isn't a Choice So Get Over It!
Feel Like A Depeche Mode Song
Where There Be Role Models?
Can We Afford Change?
A Lesson in Corp Think
Prejean is a Hypocrite
Another Look at the Fort Hood Shooter
Trying Not To Have Bad Habits
Family Weeds
Missing Mitrice Richardson Gets Little Press
ACORN and the Filmmaker
Mark Williams: Closeted Racist We Continue to Ignore
John Edwards Hurt By Coverup
Obama and Racism: It's There
Football Baptism Sparks No Anger from FoxNews
Obama's Cruel Summer
We Need Brothaman Obama
Melanie Oudin Thrown off the Pedestal We Put Her On
Just Before the Obama School Speech
My Own Economic Forecast
Tila Tequila Hit and Few Care
President Can't Catch a Break
Svengali Obama
John McCain and Health Care
Read the House and Senate Health Care Bills
William Kostric and the Gun at the Obama Talk
Ramblings from the Non-Work Force
Town Hall Meetings and My Experience with Health Care
Katy Abram Over Her Head
More Madness about Health Care Opposition
As the Economy Gets Worse So Do the Scams
Let's Really Talk about Health Care
Moderates Shouted Down by the Extremes
Looking at the Economic Crisis
Debate Over Facebook Gets Silly
Birthers Please Shut Up
Looking at Health Care
Racist Attack on Obama's Child
Minority Challenged Senators Questions on Sotomayor
Last News on Michael Jackson (for Me)
Michael Jackson Deathwatch
Crying about Low Visitors but Reaming the Few that Come
Sanford Can't Escape Infidelity Like Other Politicians
Gov. Sanford - Another One Bites the Dust on Morality
Republicans and Democrats Need to Void the Bar Tab
Business Looking for Money
More Craziness From the RNC
John Zeigler Turns into What He Hates
Redesigned Chaotic Fringe
Scrimping on Medicine
Rumblings From Work
Can You Hide Homosexuality?
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Goes to the Well Again
The Republicans Eat their Own Again
Mary Kay Lettourneau Story: It's Been Longer than you Think
News at the Speed of Tweet
Glenn Beck: What Does He Believe In?
Compton's Changing Face
Where is the Negro President?
The Price of Freedom May be too High
Yeah, It's My Birthday
Even the Sex Industry is Hurt by the Economy
Firemen and Reverse Racial Discrimination
Soon To Have A Car
You Aren't A Computer Expert
Levi, Sarah Palin and the Meltdown

One Month Until I'm 45
Octo-Mom A Stripper? Another Misguided News Burst
More Hard Times
Rush Limbaugh has Been Heard
Economic Showdown
Cheney's Bad Algebra
The Will to Survive the Economy
No One Watching the Gates
Travels In Mexico
Palin and the Breakup
Citizen Reports Not A Good Idea
Watermelon At The White House
The Jindal Stubborn Response
NY Post and the Racist Cartoon
O'Reilly's Facts Wrong Again
There Was a Woman with 14 kids
We Need More Time for Change
Small Joy in A Bad Economy
Sarah Palin is My Age - Shocking
Chaotic Fringe in the New Year
Age and The New Year
Is Obama Black? Some Say No
The Man Has Us Under His Thumb
If You Can't Protect Your Own Home, How Can You Protect the Country?
Racial Politics is Alive and Well
Do This for The Kids, Please
Helping the Homeless
Post Obama Election
Hanging Obama Isn't a Prank
We Are Proud of Our Country
Republican Partisans Declare Obama is Black
Republicans Say Don't Look at Cindy McCain
What a Difference 45 Years Has Been; or Has It?
Race in the Race - It Had to Happen
Change on the Economic Landscape
Real Economy for Real People
Fear of the October Surprise
Conservative Flap over Vice Presidental Debate Moderator Gwen Ifill

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