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Chaotic Fringe has been around over twenty years going from a one sheet to pamphlet to website. In that long history its message has been the same; Chaotic Fringe is the voice of one person, a GenXer talking about his life, his loves and his view of the world.

Our world has changed. The firebrand energy of the 80s and 90s, for a majority of my generation, has given way to mortgages, taxes, children and families. As with any generation, the idealism we had in our youth has given way to the demands of our responsibities. We look to protect our significant other and our children. Our idealism has taken a back seat, in some cases, to what we have decided is practical. Like the Baby Boomers before us, we have lost the drive to fight, the drive to speak out because we worry about the repercussions to family and our status in society.

I have always said Chaotic Fringe is an honest and frank commentary about the world as I see it but over the years I've seen many like me, struggling to keep the fires burning and shine a light on those things that are wrong. Not surprisingly those feelings cross generational barriers.

I can no longer sit on the sidelines and just observe the world. I can no longer try to speak to the better nature of ourselves while I see opposing voices spew hate and stir fear in our hearts. We must face the injustice, the inaccuracies and the falsehoods head on. Chaotic Fringe will continue to be a forum for my eclectic tastes but I cannot remain silent while others spread fear and people swallow that fear as fact. As someone has said to me recently, the Reg-olution needs to begin.  

To that I reply The Reg-olution has Started.

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