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A Rough Anxiety Day

No radio noise for sleep last night, so I’m up and groggy. Not a good start of the day. That was the tweet I sent early yesterday morning. Yesterday was a struggle. Bad anxiety hit me just as I got … Continue reading

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Focusing on Productive and Necessary Planning

Ever since getting the call on Friday from my mother about the state of her and especially my father, I’ve been mentally scrambling to figure out how to raise the money, get affairs in order when I have to leave … Continue reading

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Finding the Silver Lining

With a lot of the chaos I’ve been dealing with, I have to look at the humor in the absurdity of things. A lot of times life is going to do what life does. No amount of trying to force … Continue reading

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Black History Month

Frederick Douglass illustration by John Jennings / Donald Trump photo by Nigel Parry for CNN. Dialog over photo Reginald Mizell

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Reminder that Change is Slow

I read an article today that talked about how a black organization was exploiting the death of a black man, using the incident as “a springboard for an organized hate campaign.” The article talks about how community leaders are trying … Continue reading

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Good Trouble

Something happened over the weekend, which will culminate on Friday, that demonstrates how frustrating, sad and delusional the citizens of the United States can be. Over the weekend, Rep. John Lewis said he didn’t believe President-elect Trump was a legitimate … Continue reading

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The Creative Struggle

I think this is the crazy realism for most would be creative individuals. If we had a patron who could keep us on track with the day-to-day functioning of society, there would be a lot of creative people who would … Continue reading

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The Offended White Boy

Do you remember Bo Bice? Neither did I. Not too long ago there was a show called American Idol, where semi-talented singers entered a contest to get a record deal. In 2005, Bice competed on the show but lost to … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year Sick

My second day of being sick. Thanks for the welcome 2017. I had to go to the corner store because I needed something to eat. I was craving soup. Normally I would try to get New England Clam Chowder but … Continue reading

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My Morning and The Holidays

It’s raining slightly and it’s 3am. Of course, I don’t have to work this morning so I’ve been up since 1am doing much of nothing. My house, as usual, is a mess. Sckytale, the cat, of course she’s on the … Continue reading

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