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Growing Wiser or Protective?

An interesting issue came up this morning. I was walking to the bus stop at 6am. Normally, there’s no one at the stop that early, but this morning there was a crowd of about 3-4 people at the stop. It … Continue reading

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Future Thinking

Since I was in college, I’ve known I’m not corporate material. I’ve never wanted to be Capt. Kirk. I could be Spock, maybe Scotty, but never Kirk. I’m a knowledgeable adviser, a person straddling the people and the corps, but … Continue reading

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The Chaotic Fringe Response to Those Who Disagree with #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh

To the conservative people out there in social media. I have seen a lot of you commenting on the SC throw down by Officer Ben Fields. Actually, a better representation of what I have seen is people who believe the … Continue reading

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Resistance Is Futile

The case of another officer roughing up a black teenager, caught on a smartphone, has caused the usual hand wringing, racial confrontation and other reactions that are becoming the typical responses to these incidents. Social media, which I have to … Continue reading

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