The Miseducation of Kellyanne Conway

I heard about the Kellyanne Conway “alternative facts” statement. First, I have to say people should stop calling it falsehoods. Its lying so let’s not try to dress it as anything different. Second, I would suggest if all you’ve heard about the issue is the statement, you need to watch or listen to the complete exchange between Chuck Todd and Kellyanne. 

On my commute this morning I first watched the brief press conference that Sean Spicer gave on Saturday. He started off talking about the report about the removal of the MLK bust which was later corrected as being untrue. Spicer, in my opinion, led with the corrected report about the bust to bolster the “alternative fact” that the crowds at the inauguration were larger that the press reported. At one point, when he compared the transit use during the inauguration to the numbers of Obama’s second inauguration, he did, as one reporter said, compared apples to oranges. 

From my desktop computer and access to the internet, it was easy to see where the numbers the press secretary was giving were wrong, but what was incredibly curious was how he said how no one could tell how many people were in the pictures then used the distance and estimates of how many people could be in one space to ‘prove’ that the Trump inauguration had the most people ever.

It was a case of the new administration trying to convince the press and the public that their eyes were incorrect.

His performance was bad but Kellyanne on Meet the Press was an epic fail. At least I thought so. Listening to Kellyanne answer tough questions was like listening to a spoiled, privileged teenager explain how the vase in the living room got broken. First she gave her talking points. When Todd pointed out she didn’t answer the question she deflects the question. When he points out again she didn’t answer the question a few more times that’s when the infamous alternative truth was mentioned. 

By this point he’s frustrated with her not answering the question and presses more and she throws down the ‘you hate this administration you bad press people’ card. It was pure teenager tactics because she was in full you don’t understand us mode. She was you’re being a bully mode. She was in why weren’t as tough to X mode.

From my view she was pathetic and petty but I know supporters of this administration were cheering and giving themselves high fives. Just the quick feeds I saw from FoxNews made Kellyanne a victim. There will no doubt be memes and article links from conservatives I know that will praise her performance and will continue to blame liberals, the press and anti American agitators for the perception of a negative Trump.

There has been this much drama and today, Monday, is the third day of the Trump administration. We are going to bombarded with alternative facts and honestly I don’t think the American public will care a lot about it. Look, I follow the news and politics but I guarantee more people cared about the games yesterday than what Kellyanne Conway said on Sunday news shows. The next weeks, while Trump starts his job, I think people might have some concerns but there will be more talk about the Superbowl teams, commercials and Lady Gaga halftime show than policies and appointments by Trump.

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Trump and The New American Era

I wish everyone would remember from November 1 until now. I want everyone to remember the joy, sorrow or mixed emotions they felt leading up to election day. I want them to remember the day after the election. I want people to remember the days leading up to today, January 20, 2017.

I want you to really remember those feelings, what you felt in your head and your guts all those days between election day and now, because today at noon EST, when Donald J Trump puts his hand on the Bible and he officially becomes President of the United States, you will have no excuses, no more denials or speculations to hide behind.

Get it clear, I’m talking to the supporters and detractors of Trump. Since Trump came down that escalator, Trump has said and done things no other candidate has done. His supporters ate it up, calling him authentic and saying they liked his no-Washington style. Other that straight white men and the devoted female automatons that follow them, Trump has insulted every group in America. For the sake of winning, for the sake of defeating an enemy they felt was so evil, so dangerous to the American way of life, they decided Donald J Trump was the only person who could save America.

Those who dislike Trump, those people who were attacked by Trump, see him just as evil and detrimental to the country as his supporter feel that the Democrats, Clinton and Obama have destroyed the United States of America.

The reason I ask you to remember how you feel now, and it doesn’t matter if you like or dislike Trump, is because every administration comes into office making promises to the people and all of them fall short. Sometimes it spectacularly short. Sometimes they hit a good number of the goals. We forget how difficult a task the Presidency is, what a burden it is and we forget the enormous responsibility the Presidency is.

These last few hours of the Obama administration I’ve watched a lot of retrospectives of his time in office. I’ve come to a conclusion that a lot of people like myself would agree with. When Obama became the first BLACK president, to some he was the magic Negro who would absolve us of our racial wounds. To some he was the representative of Black people and had to be perfect and authentic at the same time. He had to represent not people but Black people. To some, and yes I’m going to be honest and harsh here, he was a nigger that had to be stopped by any means necessary.

Obama was never going to be President of all the people. He was always going to be the Black President, the Other President. He was, from jump, put into an impossible position. Political attacks against Obama would become racially charged, for the simple reason he was Black. Here’s something I’ve noticed on the retrospective on Obama. Before Obama, many of the political pundits were white, unless the discussions were on race. There was an old Cosby episode where Claire was invited to join a McLaughlin Group style Sunday morning show. By the end of the episode, even though she proved to be just as capable as them to discuss a range of topics, they told her she was only on for the black and women’s issues.

You had in Obama a capable Black man who has had a great many accomplishments during his time in office, but people dislike him. It shouldn’t be lost to anyone looking at the last few month that Obama, the Black President, is being succeeded by a man who considered Obama illegitimate. He questioned his citizenship and education. He was leader of the charge that demanded that Obama present a birth certificate proving he was born in America. When he produced paperwork, which was insulting to begin with, he declared them possibly fake and wanted to see a longer form. When that one was produced, again a humiliating thing, he still refused to publicly acknowledge he was satisfied until the closing days of the election. Even then, let’s be real, it was done with a wink and a nod, as if to say he had to say it.

When minorities talk about the struggle, when they talk about having to work twice as hard to get half as much Obama and Trump present the frustration. You can go to the finest schools, have the perfect family, with a loving and devoted spouse and seemingly scandal free children, and with that your still seen as the token Negro. Obama speaking about Trayvon Martin caused conservatives to have Fred Sanford heart attacks, yet Trump has hundreds, hundreds of statements where he crudely insults groups and he gets a pass.

Trump is who America wants. I’ve survived the Reagan administration barely, I struggled through the Bush years, now I have Trump. I’m not happy, but you Trump supporters, this is who you wanted because you disliked Obama and Clinton so much. That’s why I want you to remember this time well. When Trump becomes President, you have no excuse. This is who you wanted. I know you believe a lot on the left are too sensitive, watch what happens in the coming months and years. You have no excuse on what to expect because your brash, bully President-elect has no tried to hide who he is. You want Biff as President, now you have him.

Remember, this is what you wanted years later when you try to dismiss and make excuses for policies and the behavior of this President.

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Good Trouble

Something happened over the weekend, which will culminate on Friday, that demonstrates how frustrating, sad and delusional the citizens of the United States can be.

Over the weekend, Rep. John Lewis said he didn’t believe President-elect Trump was a legitimate President. John Lewis is an icon of the Civil Rights movement. You can read about his story in the graphic novel MARCH. There are countless documentaries detailing his role in the Movement. His sacrifice to the cause is without question.

Something we tend to forget about as Americans is we have the right to disagree with the status quo. If we didn’t rebel against what was status quo at any particular time, women would still have to get secret, back alley abortions. Same sex marriages would still be illegal. I would still have to drink from a separate water fountain and could be refused to be served at local establishments because of the color of my skin. Because we have broken former status quo barriers, many of those barriers broken because of the work and sacrifice of Rep. Lewis and others, we would like to believe America is stronger.

What people like Rep. Lewis reminds us is the struggle continues. The barriers don’t disappear overnight and there will be people who will push back against change. If you don’t continue forward, if you rest when you think the struggle is over, you could find the hard fought for progress slowly chipped away and one day you may find the foundation you thought was solid has been eroded.

When Barack Obama was elected President, many Americans wanted to declare our long standing problem with racism was over. The proof? America elected a Black President.

Remember when George Bush flew out on the aircraft carrier and, with that Mission Accomplished banner behind him, declared that the war was over? We wanted to believe it was over, and if critics said otherwise there were a good number of people at the time who would aggressively defend President Bush. We look back now, still in the war that was declared over and wonder how could we have been so wrong?

When Obama was elected President many were so willing to buy into the post racial rhetoric they were unwillingly to see the evidence against their perception. Let’s disregard the racial prejudice faced by Obama before the election. While he put his hand on the bible, Republicans were meeting to ensure he would be a one term President. Now, the town hall protests against Obamacare could have been seen as public disagreement; a backbone of free speech and democracy. Those people carrying guns at those rallies? They were just exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. The posters of the big lipped Obama with a bone through his nose? Again, it could be reasonably said they were exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Let me ask you something? Name me 10 times in a six month period where President Obama name called the protesters, politicians, pundits or reporter that disagreed with his healthcare plan? I’ll do one better, name me 10 times in a six month period in his term when he has done that?

You can’t because it didn’t happen.

As every minority knows in this country, when you are the first, like it or not you are an example for every minority and you have to work twice as hard just to be equal in the eyes of the majority.

During the Trayvon Martin shooting, when Obama said Treyvon could have been his son, rhetorically, Republicans politicians jumped all over him, saying he was making the incident too racial. They said the same thing when he spoke out about other racial incidents. C’mon, let’s be real. Because many were so willing to believe racism was gone because we elected a Black President, we didn’t bring focus to the underlying racial and economic issues underneath the American fabric. We talked, we tweeted, we posted but we didn’t talk to each other, we talked over and past each other.

That growing resentment, tension and disillusionment happening under the surface allowed the carnival barker from New York, a person who throughout the campaign had numerous documented examples of bigoted, hateful speech from his own mouth and his operatives, to become President-elect. That does not take into account recent confirmed allegations from intelligence agencies that foreign powers actively plotted to disrupt our democratic process with false allegations.

If we discount the election rhetoric, if we want to say the actions during the campaign was good natured, yet rough politics, we would expect that someone who is being handed access to the White House, the military and the nuclear codes would realized the gravity of what they were inheriting and would act accordingly. You wouldn’t expect that person to be so concerned about what was said about them in a late night weekend show that they would tweet about it hours after the broadcast. You wouldn’t expect a news conference to turn into a shouting match.

When Rep. Lewis, rightfully called an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, after seeing what we all have seen during the current election cycle and the behavior of the President-elect, he exercised his right as an American citizen and declared he didn’t believe the President-elect was legitimate.

The President-elect did something that was jaw dropping shocking. In one tweet he showed himself to be a bully and ignorant. To imply that John Lewis is all talk and no action? Seriously? The President-elect posted in the tweet “All talk, talk talk – no action or results.”

This election and aftermath has provided many it can’t get any lower results but I’m officially over, done, finished. I stand with Rep. John Lewis in saying he’s not my President and furthermore I’m done smiling and trying to get along with supports to find common ground. I’m angry that Trump would actually be so petty to respond by tweet not just to Lewis but to everything. We elected him to the office of President of the United States, not as President of USA Elementary school. For all the people who felt pain from the Democrats, Obama and Clinton, out of all the candidates on the Republicans side, this is who you went with? He is a better choice than Clinton?

The challenge I made earlier, asking for 10 times in a six month in his full term in office Obama personally insulted an opponent? Trump is at 3 this week including Lewis and its Tuesday. Last week it was 4. The man constantly lies about facts documented and recorded on video and his cronies, including Republican officials, go on news shows and with a straight face lie to the American people. You all have computers, you can look up the information to verify but you would rather shout Fake News and plug your ears and cover your eyes.

Well, good luck with that.

I’m going to take to heart what John Lewis talked about and start causing Good Trouble. Since I am an American, not a second class citizen that must drink from a separate dispenser, I have the right to respectfully disagree with the illegitimate President.


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The Creative Struggle

I think this is the crazy realism for most would be creative individuals. If we had a patron who could keep us on track with the day-to-day functioning of society, there would be a lot of creative people who would have the time to comment and reflect on issue that might move thousand and millions of people to become active. The reality is, as socially motivated as we may be, a majority of creative people have to deal, by themselves, with financial obligations including providing themselves with a steady stream of income. It is hard to want to fight the power and report against the system when your income is dependent on an system that is fundamentally linked to the power structure you are against and the system is set up where the only way that you can survive on a basic level is to concede that you have to follow the rules of a system you oppose.

Like many people, I work a 9-5 barely make ends meet job. I would love if I could follow my passion and not deal with what I consider the day to day drudgery of corporate life. I’m an old guy and I’m realizing the passion I have in my heart, the drive I would love to embrace and follow, are not compatible with the reality of being a member of the American society and the compromises and unsaid acceptance I have made to this social stricture. I didn’t make the rules but as much as I resent it I have to follow some of the rules society sets up just so I have the voice to fight against a system I feel needs some improvement. A majority of people are more than willing to succumb to their pre-assigned role in society, unable and unwilling to look past themselves and fight for the ability to break away from the role they have been put into by forces outside of themselves.

It is hard to search within ourselves and take the leap of faith to break away from the social programming than forces us to think that we are cogs in a machine and there is nothing we can due to change our situation.

If we get lucky to get a patron that will support us, in most cases the reality is that patron has focused on us because we support the causes and concerns they have. In other words, the patron isn’t supporting us because of our independent voice and autonomous spirit. They are supporting us because we are, ultimately, an independent source that confirms their established narrative that seems new and exciting. Unknowingly, we are a propaganda arm to their agenda.

I know that if I had a patron that could take care of my basic financial needs, I would feel free to comment, express and dialog with a lot more freedom on subjects I feel passionate about. The reality is there are very few people that can reach that level of freedom and the ability of really being able to speak your mind with someone that has that much control of you is questionable. The bigger reality is, the patron is holding my hand because I ultimately support their worldview. The awareness of the issue stems from does the patron independently agree with my views or is the patron using me as a shoehorned validation of their views? Am I nothing more that a puppet? Even if we agree on basic principles, a person who is linked to me who has overwhelming power and influence over me can replace me if I stray from their agenda.

Another aspect to think about is if you are assured that you are removed from the struggles of survival most of us face, how true are the assessment you make about oppression and injustice? If I have no stake in the struggle, my support in the struggle can be questioned because, and I know this sounds odd, but if someone has you back and you are favored with them, when things go south and your fellows face consequences without support, you feel confident the patron will protect you. You feel apart from the folks who have no safety net, no protector and no advocate. Putting it in recent political term, how realistic is it to assume that a former reality show star and supposed financial mogul is going to understand the struggles I face in my daily life? How much can expect that person to sympathies with the decisions I have to make every day?

The realistic issue creators have to face is many of us will not have patrons and that is probably a good thing because when we are connected to the struggle we understand the struggle on a personal level. Something that politicians have forgotten on both sides of the political spectrum is that the average American realizes is that politicians, for the most part, are less concerned about listening to the average American as they are as securing their vote. When the focus is securing the vote, then using manipulation and using selective information to sway opinion is an acceptable practice. The person can justify using half-truths and questionable information to manipulate the public because the belief is that the ultimate goal is the right direction for the population to follow. The unfortunate path of following that train of thought is the population doesn’t have all the facts and they will base their decisions on half-truths and suppositions based on incomplete information.

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I just listened to 30 minutes of Trump talk from a group of Trump supporters. Funny, right now CNN has something on called why do Trump supporters dismiss Russian hacks reports. The group I just listened to explained that and more.

So this group I listened to, about 15 blue collar solid American workers, were at my job getting ready to do maintenance work. The first thing I heard one of them say was “That Kellyanne lady’s hot for and old lady.” “And smart too,” someone else added.

Yeah. I had to listen to what they were going to say.

It was seriously like listening to talking points spewed by some right wing radio host. The media was behind all the hate against Trump. Like the tag line I saw on CNN they didn’t care about Russia because the media was blowing stuff up. Of course, these guys weren’t fans of Obama. He fucked stuff up was how one guy put it.

Every day I get reminders of how seriously messed up we are as a country and every day I wonder should I just shut up and laugh at people as the world goes to Hell. I’m not that cold yet. I still care and want to let my voice be heard. I’m just seeing a lot of people not caring anymore. That group of Trump supporters were proud of not following the news closely. They were knee jerk reaction folks. 

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The Offended White Boy

Do you remember Bo Bice? Neither did I. Not too long ago there was a show called American Idol, where semi-talented singers entered a contest to get a record deal. In 2005, Bice competed on the show but lost to Carrie Underwood. Like many who didn’t win the competition, Bo Bice has had a career under the radar. That changed this week.

This is the quickest way to explain why Bice is in the news. This is from his Wikipedia page:

In January 2017, Bo Bice took offense when employees at a Popeye’s chicken restaurant in Atlanta, GA called him “that white boy”. In an interview with a local Fox station, Bice went into tears over discussing the incident.

The paragraph gives as much discussion as should be given of the incident, but considering the coverage CNN and, obviously, FoxNews has given over the incident, this really needs to looked into context.

Are you that sensitive Bo Bice? Some workers at a Popeye’s Chicken call you ‘that white boy’ and you’re going to tear up on national television because you’re offended. Are you upset because they called you boy instead of man? Please don’t tell me you have never been called a white boy before?

When I first looked up information on Bice, I thought about giving him the benefit of the doubt, a slim benefit, because he lived in England for a number of his teenage years. I dropped that benefit after I saw his entire musical career was based on the Southern Rock, Sweet Home Alabama style of music. There’s no way on God’s green Earth that if you live in the South Bo Bice hasn’t been called a white boy.

From the FoxNews website Bice says the following:

Bice told FOX 32, “The three ladies behind the counter asked whose food it was. Just when I turned around, one of them said ‘that white boy.'”

Bice said he was taken aback by the encounter.

“If tables had been turned and I used something as insensitive like that… I would be boycotted, people wouldn’t buy my albums.”

He said the incident is an opportunity to start a conversation.

“I started this conversation so that we can have open dialogue about how no one should be called a boy,” Bice told FOX News Radio. “Maybe they should grow up and use better language. Maybe we should have a culture where we don’t have such perverted divisive language.” 

Looking at what I’m seeing, his main objection is being called ‘boy’ but let’s break this down a little further. I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume the three workers that called him that white boy were black. I’m assuming this since if it had been three white workers that called him white I don’t think we would get the water works. At my job, I get a lot of calls from the South. At least once a day, I’ll get a call from someone who will tell me words to effect of Mr. Charlie came out to work on this or Miss Daisy wants that fixed. That whole Southern deference to using the Miss Hattie or Mr. Fred kind of dialog makes me angry. I’m thinking to myself, you’re not on Tera, you ain’t helping Miss Scarlett. Be an adult.

In the realm of offensive language, being called that white boy by a bunch of black workers isn’t the most horrible thing I can think of happening to a white male who has a modest singing career and when offended can go on national television to cry about how offended they are at being called that white boy. They didn’t call you cracker, whitey or honkey.

Oh, and Bice, trying to use the ‘double standard’ card is really weak. What you’re trying to say when you mention what would happen if the tables were turned, is an argument you can’t go down. As you have put it, calling you boy is highly offensive, which I would argue a lot of people would disagree with. For you to say something that would be offensive to a black person, well, you know where you would have to go and you wouldn’t do it because it would be highly offensive.

I get so tired of people using the mildest form of possible racism to compare it to obvious, no question about it racism. The comparison is posed in situations like Bice; where a pinprick of inconveniences is compared to larger racial issues. If they called you a honkey or White devil, you know what I would say those workers were out of line. That didn’t happen. He wasn’t called a dirty White boy, a heathen White boy or anything else disparagingly except that he was called boy. Because he was called boy he wants to have a dialog on race relations? Yes, I believe we need a dialog but I’m sorry, you being called that white boy isn’t a rallying flag I’m willing to support.

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Starting the New Year Sick

My second day of being sick. Thanks for the welcome 2017.

I had to go to the corner store because I needed something to eat. I was craving soup. Normally I would try to get New England Clam Chowder but that is my comfort soup. Yesterday I picked up tomato soup, but as many people told me you can’t go wrong with chicken soup. While I wanted comfort, medicinal was needed to get this cold out of my system.

I didn’t want the store brand, under a dollar watery soup. I wanted a broth infused, made with love in a Jewish kitchen chicken soup. Well, I forgot love costs money. The name brand soups were like $2 to $3 for a can. I just wasn’t feeling like paying that much for a can of soup, especially on my budget. I guess the good thing is my walk to grocery store is in a low income ethnic area. When I have gone to the non-ethnic, Birkenstock kind of stores, the $5 a bowl soup is just way too expensive for me. I can’t lie, the soup at those shops are the bomb, but I can’t eat on that budget. I’m too poor to be an organic, range fee eater. I’m barely above gov-ment cheese budget. I looked at the ingredients on a few of canned soups. I realized with some chicken, noodles and some vegetables I could have the same good for me soup as the can soups without the preservatives. I did quick math and the for the price of two cans of the name brand soup I could make homemade soup that would last for days.

I picked up the ingredients, dragged my body home and worked on the soup. If I had been thinking better, without a cold head, I might have picked up some cilantro, maybe some peppers to add some spice, but I had what I had and some things I had in stock, like the chicken broth I had left over from yesterday’s purchases, helped balance out the flavors.

The house smells of homemade soup as the ingredients are in the slow cooker doing the magic.

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My Morning and The Holidays

It’s raining slightly and it’s 3am. Of course, I don’t have to work this morning so I’ve been up since 1am doing much of nothing. My house, as usual, is a mess. Sckytale, the cat, of course she’s on the back of the couch pretending to be awake. ABC’s World News Now is my friend early in the morning, but I tend to have the sound off and let the images run.

I have some TV shows I have in my que to watch, but since it’s a few days from Christmas there’s not a lot of original shows on. Lots of reruns and holiday specials. I was thinking of going to see Rogue One this morning in IMAX 3D. When I saw the price would be $17 I hesitated. (geek point, I heard Servelan saying her famous line, at least for me, “You hesitated” in my head. That’s from Blake’s 7 fan folks) With the rain outside, I kept thinking Blade Runner and the thought of not seeing Rogue One in IMAX 3D felt like geek betrayal. Sure, I saw the movie last week, twice, but not in this format.

So yes, take my money Disney and IMAX. I’ll see it this morning. Yes, I will be wearing my Rick Deckard inspired coat.








My big plan today was to do a holiday surprise for two people, but that got scrapped because . . . I’ll just say I’m not willing to go to jail for two strangers. I was a good idea and I’m sure the two people would have been happy to get the gift, but the stakes in getting the gift and the repercussions in the way I’d have to get the data were two high when I balanced against I know these two people, and know would be really pushing my encounters with them, from my commute to work.

The next time I head to work it will be Christmas Eve. Christmas Day I have the day off. I haven’t had a Christmas Day off in years, maybe a decade. I’m not a practical fan of the holidays. I was walking the other day, thinking about the reasons why I’m not happy about the holidays, and I realized the only memories I have about the holidays happened after my sister’s death. My parents, in hindsight, weren’t big on Christmas. Well, that’s not entirely true. When we were younger we did all the Christmas stuff, but I think it was done for us rather than them.

When my sister died, that first Christmas without her was rough for my family. After that Christmas, the holiday was kind of an afterthought for them it seemed. The tree and trimmings were put up, presents were put out, but my parents seemed to do those things without joy about it. For a few years after my sister’s death the holiday spirit was done to live up to spirit they felt the holidays were about. With my sister gone, it was an end of the year reminder of the child they lost. Within five years the holiday spirit was just a routine.

I think it was the fourth or fifth year after my sister’s death, that was my poor man Christmas. It was when I knew Christmas as I knew it was dead for my family. I may still have the gifts I got somewhere in storage. It was the ultimate after thought Christmas gifts; a ketchup and mustard dispenser from the 99 cents store and a calendar from a real estate agent. At least the wrapping paper was kind of nice.

I’ve tried doing the holiday spirit stuff but in my heart it feels like an act. I don’t mind doing little acts of kindness for people, but the obligation of getting gifts, of saying Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, all of it seems very artificial. You know, it just may be the time of year that gets me in a down mood because I see people being joyous and festive in this one to two-month interval and the rest of the year the spirit isn’t there.

Having a Star Wars film to look forward to these past two years has brightened up my holidays a bit.

Wow, that really sums up my holiday spirit. I try to look at the bright happy side of life. A little cloudiness come in and before I know it I’m in the dark place. Yep, I was about to go into a whole new area but decided not do. I don’t want to bum out too many people.

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Don’t Give Up the Fight

I’ve seen the safety pins, the protests and the calls for a recount. I’ve talked to lots of people who are genuinely scared of the implications of a Trump Presidency. I’ve listened to a lot of liberal radio talk shows that insist Clinton won the popular vote (definitely true) and mention this at every opportunity.

As William Shatner famously said on an SNL skit, “Get a life!”

Stop trying to pretend what happened didn’t happen. Stop trying to find some loophole to change what happened election night. Reality isn’t a time traveling show. You can’t change what happened, you can’t go back in time to alter the results. You cannot recount and hope by some divine, magical or fateful intervention that you’ll find irregularities that will alter the vote totals.

Donald J Trump will be the next President of the United States of America and the sooner the whiners accept this the better things will be.

Why will it be better?

Because once people who are angry, disappointed and disillusioned about the outcome accept the results of the election the sooner they can focus on the real work ahead. What people need to focus on is accepting the reality that we have now and work towards minimizing the damage and then making sure with the next election we can have effective change. I’m not talking in four years but two years. There are congressional seats in play in two years. If you really want to make a change in government you should start now.

There are still post-election analysis going on. Programs are still trying to decipher the whys of the Clinton defeat. There’s still analysis of the impact of the election on blacks, women, Muslims, homosexuals and other disenfranchised groups. The goal of much of the analysis I’ve seen is to pin blame on some group for the loss of Clinton and the win for Trump. Blame is the key word because even when the supposed focus is the positive aspect of the Trump win, it will boil down to his vote being a protest vote or an angry vote.

I get that people are upset and there was a time for being upset, there was time to gnash teeth and rend cloth, but it been almost a month and the mourning period is over. The Trump supporters have won, he’s going to the White House and it seems his style of governing will be the same as it was during the campaign. Like it or not, agree with it or not, for whatever reason the majority of the voting public, in the system we have set up for electing the President, elected Trump. If you had arguments about the Electoral College, they should have been addressed and dealt with well before this election (maybe 2000?). Both parties know how the system is set up. They have paid staffers and consultants whose primary job is to crunch those numbers, plan the strategies and deploy people in areas to shore up the base and gain new voters. This Presidential election cycle Donald Trump and the Republicans did better where it counted than Hillary Clinton and the Democrats did.

You may say Trump won by using racists tactics, you may say he did it by fear and intimidation but his message was heard and accepted by a majority if voters. I don’t want you to curl up in a fetal position thinking all is lost. I get the pain you feel but anger will only get you so far. Your anger will not hurt Trump and his supporters. Trump is getting his cabinet set. His policies are being implemented. While there are issues surrounding the recent Carrier deal, Trump won a symbolic victory for his supporters. Never mind that the deal is a bad one since it only helped 800 of the workers at the plant, Carrier is still going to ship 600 of the 1400 jobs to Mexico, the state of Indiana is paying 7 million in tax breaks over 10 years to keep the company there and United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company, will move forward with closing a separate Indiana plant and laying off 700 workers.

Look, I have my platform on Chaotic Fringe and some social media accounts. I can express my views on those platforms. I’m mostly a low-key person but I’m a persistent person. I don’t try to bully or force people to accept my POV on issues. I present what I know and I try to listen to what others have to say. That is what I can do, for the moment, in expressing my views on the new administration. If you can do more, do it. Don’t just cry and whine about the outcome and do nothing. Do what you can to get your voice heard, support those who are in line with the direction you feel the country should be going and my all means exercise your right to vote.

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I Only Know One Trump.

I watched a lot of cable news during my recent vacation. I watched some coverage from FoxNews but CNN was my main news source for election coverage.

The pundits and commentators are proving in the analysis I have seen why they read the election so wrong. They have a narrative laid out as to why the mostly young people are in the streets and their trying to fit the action they see into that formula.

They want the protestors to see that the President elect is saying nice words and the President is saying nice things. They want the Rodney King moment where we can all just get along.

I bring up Rodney King because he was video taped being beaten by cops while he was on the ground. People wanted justice and it seemed like the system did everything to deny justice to King. When the verdict was in favor of the cops, after what the public saw, a lot of people were fed up and went violently to the streets.

Time and time again people have seen injustice happen and the reaction from many in power has been to suppress peaceful protest for fear of violent protest. Because they ramp up for fear of the possible violence and wanting to prevent it, they don’t see or listen to the real concerns of the people.

Here’s what I think the experts and pundits are missing. When they talk about the rough world of politics, Trump took that to a level we haven’t experienced. Trump through his own words and deeds stirred the pot. It wasn’t surrogates that talked about building a wall, deporting immigrants, banning Muslims or insulted women. Trump himself said those things.

When the press continues to talk about the heated history between Trump and Obama, they want to make it political. No, it’s personal. Trump, and I’m going to write this as blunt as I can, demanded that the first Black president prove he was an American. Trump wanted birth certificates and school transcripts. No other President has been questioned about that.

In the campaign, it was Trump who insulted so many groups and encouraged his supporters to act on their base instincts, not surrogates. Trump has tweeted disheartening posts for years.

Trump and the press believes what he said during the campaign was in the name of politics and we should move on. Had the hateful rhetoric been said by surrogates or zealous supporters there would be a point in looking past the election and healing. The hateful tone of the campaign was set by Trump and the fear of the demonstrators is Trump will continue is divisive behavior.

People have said Trump is a different person in person. I doubt Trump is going to go to every home in America. Trump has made a terrible impression on half of the voters. He did it. He’s got a lot of work to do convince many he’s not the monster from the campaign.

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