This must be my Billy Jack day. It's the ice cream scene. I'm so mad I want to go berserk, but I can't. Thing is, it's my own damn fault. I was all set to play Everquest 2. I was all set to have this day be a day of rest. I had to snoop around the news sites. I had to see a silly story on the news, I had to check it out which made me stumble on one story that got my blood to boil. Just as I had calmed down about that, another one just tipped me over.

For those of you on connected to my Facebook or Twitter page, you already know about the first story that got me upset. There is a local story about a guy stealing pizzas and money from delivery drivers. The police have dubbed him the skinny jeans bandit. An alert neighbor saw the crime being committed and took a picture of the subject. OK, this is where you will get sick so hold on to your hats. See if this account from the local news website rings any bells of a recent incident -

Prior to the robbery, a neighbor saw the suspect "hanging around" in front of another home and decided to take pictures in case he was planning a burglary or other crime, according to Silent Witness coordinator Sgt. Darren Burch. The neighbor continued to take pictures as the armed robbery occurred.

The suspect is described as a black male, 16 to 18 years old and 115 to 120 pounds. He was wearing black "skinny" jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt and gray shoes.

Yeah, you know what this sounds like. As soon as I read the article I commented, almost as a joke, on Twitter and Facebook saying the description isn't Trayvon Martin, he is still dead. The story broke yesterday morning but my little fear that some conspiracy nuts might think, by some miracle yet to be revealed, the Trayvon shooting was a hoax and this guy is really Trayvon, was not me going crazy. I'm going to assume the few comments I have seen on different local news sites are people joking, but I can see the joking turning to belief. One person said the suspect looked like he had a broken nose, like he was in a fight. One person said racial profiling works. Another wanted to know if he was a ghost or were we fooled. One person proudly proclaimed he was going to send this to the media, and by media I'm sure he meant conservative outlets like talk radio and Fox News. I can almost bet local right wing radio hosts are going to have a field day with this story.

So I'm feeling very down by this point and I'm ready to move on when another local story catches my eye and turns my stomach.

I haven't talked about this story much because it is a tragic story on all levels. The short version is this – a few months ago a local mother called the police to say her child was abducted. Local people rallied and as time went on. Like the Trayvon Martin story, there was little national attention at first, until the mother and her family cried local racism then there was a brief flare of national concern.

It distresses me to say this happens far too often in cases of black missing children, but as time went on, the stranger abduction theory didn't hold and the mother became an infamous person of interest. As more news came out about her past arrests (child abuse) the father of the child (a sex offender) and that she had, counting the missing girl, four children and was pregnant with a fifth, she wasn't winning any popularity contests. Her remaining children, including the child she gave birth to a week after her daughter went missing, were placed with CPS. The last thing I heard about the mother was she was arrested briefly then released. As far as the case, the police are checking a landfill where they believe the body was dumped and all indications are either the mother killed her child or she was an accomplice in her killing.

The distressing news this morning is the mother is having ANOTHER child. Yes she is pregnant. I was numb when I read the news. Why in the world, if you have 5 kids with one missing a presumed dead, would you have another child? The police suspect you killed one child, you had a child a week or two after the child was missing, and a few months later in the middle of an investigation you get pregnant? I want to know who would be the man foolish enough to have sex with her?

Considering the 'kind' words written about Trayvon, you can just imagine the broad stroke comments made by racists and insensitive people on the news sites about this story.


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