I’ve had a lot of messages sent to me through Twitter and Facebook about how so many celebrities are happy about the ruling on Proposition 8. Celebrities seem to be excited that their hair stylist, assistants and others whom they know are homosexual will be able to suffer the pains of marriage just like heterosexuals.

I really wish people could stop being surface readers. It would be nice to read past the third paragraph in an article, hell it would be a miracle to read the whole article but I’ll settle for people reading half, just so things can be put into perspective and, unfortunately, reality. I was listening as reporters from conservative radio stations made the trip to gay Mecca, West Hollywood, to see the parade of homosexuals who were happy to see the ruling overturned.

Sorry to be the wet blanket, but just like Princess Leia said when Han, Luke and everyone made their escape from the Death Star, “It’s not over yet.”

Before the ink was dry on the decision a court appeal was made by the losing side. The decision is going to go to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This will be with a three member panel. No doubt the losing side of that decision will want to have the decision made with the full court and the losing side of that decision will want to take it up with the Supreme Court. Not that anyone has noticed (smirk) but the Supreme Court, despite the recent confirmation and swearing in for a new liberal lite judge, is still pretty conservative. Conservatives have already started to make arguments as to why the judge who made the initial decision should be disqualified. Even though the Governor and Attorney General of California have asked for the moratorium of gay marriages be lifted, the judge has refused to do so, probably rightly stating you don’t want to have a yo-yo effect of windows opening and closing while the decision goes through the appeals process.

This whole process has a few more years before it is finally settled and unfortunately it is probably going to be a hot button issue in two years, just in time for the re-election of the President. Just by knowledge of past elections, assuming the President is going to want this issue to be in the forefront of voters during a re-election campaign would be a wrong assumption. It will likely be tabled or stalled as much as possible.

Now, it is a first step, I can agree with that, but remember two years ago when Obama was being elected President the adoption of Proposition 8 caused many to feel the issue had been settled. Two years later and the issue is as hot as ever and still has some time to go before it is resolved.



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Prop. 8: It's Not Over Yet - August 09, 2010
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