It seems like every day there's another crazy comment from the republican side of the fence. This time it started innocently enough when, after Colin Powell announced he would endorse Obama, McCain was interviewed on FoxNews Sunday. When asked about the endorsement, McCain said the endorsement by Powell of Obama didn't come as a surprise.

I heard it but didn't think too much of it, through my Negro sense started tingling I figured I was over reacting. Well, the right wing folks started chiming in and the implied suggestions started coming. You see, according to them, it wasn't a surprise that Powell endorsed Obama not because of the statement he made on the Meet The Press, giving a measured and detailed reason why he had to reject McCain and the actions of the Republican Party, but in the opinion of not a few well known blowhards, because both men are black it made sense and was no surprise that when push came to shove, they were going to stick to their kind.

Of course, people who aren't black who support Obama aren't assumed to be supporting him because of race, but let someone like Powell endorse him, and state categorically the reasons for supporting him which have nothing to do with race, then the Republican Party suddenly decides the only reason for the endorsement is race. Again they want to play into the hands of fear. They want to have white voters afraid that Obama is going to be a black President, much like Kennedy was feared to be a Catholic President when he ran.

Yes Hannity, Limbaugh and quite a number of the blathering blowhards are harping on Powell, either implying really hard or whispering aloud his endorsement is only about race. This is the same Colin Powell that many of the same talk show hosts clamored to run for President, the same blowhards that considered him the new face of the Republican Party. Now, because of his decision, he was thrown under the bus.


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Republican Partisans Declare Obama is Black - Oct 23, 2008
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