New Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to produce a photo shoot with Kyerstin Clay. She works at a watering hole I visit from time to time and we talked about how she was getting her back redone with a more elaborate set of tattoos. We got interested in doing a before and after shoot of the work and we did the before photo shoot at the bar. It was a fun shoot and I can’t wait to work on the after photos in a few months. We have decided to get a bit more elaborate on those shots so it should be interesting.

I love doing film but there is an immediacy doing photography, especially in the digital age. You can see a lot more of my work, as well as more photos of Kyerstin, on my Flickr page.


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The Publishing Family of GenX Noir Productions

It can be very hard to keep on a timetable, especially as one person, because you are your own motivation. You can easily push up or push back on the timetable because you are only answering to yourself. When there are other factors involved, that can push you to meet your deadline.

A reason why in recent months I’ve used less time working on film projects has been that people I have been working with in getting projects together have not been on the same schedule I have. A few examples have been the group in Phoenix that wanted to start a reality show. They had me sign a contract, told me they were willing and able to move forward, then suddenly no contact. I had my gear together and was ready to check out the sites and do preliminary work, plus with the timeframe they gave me I knew we had to work quickly to meet the goal. After a week and half of hearing nothing, and that was with a number of calls and emails, I got a message saying they were postponing plans but were still interested in working on the project. The thing I picked up on in the conversation was they didn’t say with me. It might have been a minor thing but I haven’t heard a word from them since.

About a month and a half ago I was on the bus and heard this guy talking on the phone with someone whom I assumed was a producer. He was talking about a film project. After he got off the phone and this guy badly tried to hit him up for a job, I presented my card, gave him a link to my work and told him I was willing and able to start any time he was. He was very excited, even sent me an email thanking me for contacting him. Haven’t heard from him since.

Something I’m learning from my new job is there are a lot of people who like to call themselves business people who think of business as a cash cow or hobby, not as a job. They don’t think to innovate, they don’t think of updating materials and they don’t think about making sure their stuff runs smoothly. We get calls every day from business people who have no idea what is going on with their business, nor how to use the tools they have to make their business more efficient. All they care about is profit and they don’t necessarily care about the people working around them.

I got a wakeup call recently about GenX Noir Productions. With the job loss and the tough nature of trying to get new work, I started to realize that for a long time I have treated it as a hobby instead of a business. I was like the calls I get from managers and owners of stores who had little idea of the inner workings of their stores because as long as the stores are making money, as long as there is no drama, they feel fine. They’re constantly playing catch up instead of moving ahead. GenX Noir and all of the projects under the banner were doing OK, but I wasn’t being a forward thinker on getting new people to read articles and on promoting the brand. I mean, I hate using business terms like branding but I had to be honest with myself and realize if I wanted to call GenX Noir a business I had to treat it as such.

I made a plan to kick things into high gear with GenX Noir and I had a goal of getting the majority of the upgrades and properties built up by December. That was the goal. In reality, since I was pushing myself, I got the majority of the work finished in a week. All of the current and future sites under the GenX Noir umbrella will be written in WordPress. I used to use Dreamweaver and I loved Dreamweaver but now I’m able to write articles on the go wherever I am. I can also publish those articles quickly. There have been times recently where I have been at work, got inspired by an idea and had the article composed and uploaded in 30 minutes.

I realized that recently my articles have been a little haphazard as far as when they came out. Right now I’m working on having at least one article written for the online publications every week. I’m publicizing the articles more, making sure links are posted on all my social media contacts as well as hashtagging. Using those and other behind the scenes work has gotten more people to view the articles and to follow me on social media. I’ve started to see people reblog and retweet articles I’ve written. Traffic is starting to grow on the site. This has been great for me, for the brand, but this is only a small part of building up name recognition.

One big change I made was creating a more entertainment/pop culture site with Reality Gambit. Before I had entertainment articles with more serious articles in Chaotic Fringe, but I wanted to have a clear demarcation of the fun and serious work that wouldn’t be confusing to some reader. Also, a mix of politics and fun work might not be something everyone wants a mix of. Since starting Reality Gambit the site has been pretty good in terms of traffic. Considering we are at a time when Star Wars is on the minds of a lot of people, it makes sense there is traffic coming to the site with the articles I have written about pop culture, especially Star Wars.

Where things have gone slower than expected has been with The Poor Boy Cooking Show. I will admit this has been tougher than I thought. I know the reason is trying to fit time into edit the footage to put online has been difficult. For that I think the year-end deadline might be hard to reach but I’m going to push myself to get that site revamped and live with new content at the beginning of the year.

Things have been complicated this year. The loss of my job, the search for a new one, the lean economic times have been rough. It has been a struggle to keep a positive attitude sometimes but working on all the properties within GenX Noir have given me some purpose when I was not sure what my next more would be. With the updates and new business ethics I’m trying to work on the production work on the projects will continue to improve.

Right now the way things break down for the online presence of GenX Noir is like this; Chaotic Fringe is the home of ideas and thoughts I have about the world around me, just as it always has been. Chaotic Fringe Word Blog is a blog where I get personal about things going on in my life. Reality Gambit, the newest edition to the publish family, is all about pop culture including movies, TV shows and comics. The Poor Boy Cooking Show is about . . . well cooking. There are possibly two other online productions that will join the family, but those are still a few months off if I decide to go down those roads.

Chaotic Fringe has been around for over 20 years and I want it to continue and grow for years to come.

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Letting My Geek Flag Fly!

I have lived through an exciting, frustrating and complicated past few months. I have had a number of what politicians and pundits like to call teachable moments. I didn’t realize they were teachable moments at the time, but as they accumulated I noticed a pattern and once I got a grasp of what the pattern was, a few things had been set in motion that shook me to the core. Trust me, I make them sound in the abstract like they were something in the epic, transformative revelation path. I think to most people who haven’t walked in my shoes, they would look from the outside and see things I have gone through as trivial, maybe silly, but one person’s Chinese fortune cookie revelation is another person’s knock off the horse by the blinding light of the Lord.

With my new job and some other life issues I have taken for granted, I realized I haven’t been maximizing my potential. To put it a little clearer, I have allowed circumstances to control my environment rather than taking control of those things I have power over, owning that power and using that to thwart perceived obstacles. I know the way I’m explaining things it sounds like New Age mysticism, but in blunt terms I have allowed myself to become lax on things I should have taken control over and owned.

A few months ago I went on an interview. I went in confident in my abilities. I was so confident that I felt free to answer questions truthfully and not cater my answers to get a job. I got that job. I had another interview a week later. The job was in the profession I wanted to be a part of. I went in, just like the other interview, with confidence. This particular job was in the field I longed to be a part of. At one point in the round robin interview, there were five of us being interviewed at the same time, the potential boss asked everyone if two people could get the job, whom would you want to have the other position. To my surprise most wanted to work with me. In the interview I talked about my love for Star Wars, the video I had shot at numerous conventions, including John Lewis at the San Diego Comic-Con and my work in television production.

I didn’t get the job but what I began to realize was I was becoming dependent on how others defined what I did instead of forging my own path. It could have been midlife compensation, because the people in the interview were considerably younger than myself, but I realized as much as I would question some of my choices in hindsight, for what I wanted to do at the time and how my life turned out, I turned out fine but there was room for improvement.

With the job I have now, what I have learned the most in the past month is many people want to call themselves business people but treat their business as a hobby. There are tools and skills at our disposal that we can use to be successful, but with a fast majority of people who are in business, and I will say I’m basing this on the people I deal with, they are willing to blame, push off and allow themselves to shift shortcomings to others rather than control those things they have control over.

With that in mind I started looking at what I have accomplished with GenX Noir and Chaotic Fringe. There is a lot I can do to expand the brand. There is a lot I can do to build up dormant projects. I realize I have concentrated in the past on things I had to rely on other people to complete for me to move forward. There is a lot I can do to promote and build the brand. I decided for the next year to concentrate on that.

The first part of this plan is to reactivate Reality Gambit. This will be its own entity, much like Chaotic Fringe, but will concentrate on my geek side. For years I have lived the geek like but I don’t think I have been the ambassador I could have been. Reality Gambit will tap into that part of me that is all about comics, SF, Fantasy and that which has become pop culture. Chaotic Fringe will concentrate on the political and social side of my life. In the coming months I’m going to mold my online presence into something that will be a good brand, at least I’m going to try and do this. It’s a part of something I do have control over. For over a year I have been thinking about getting a lot of creative projects off the ground or teaming up with people to work on something. I have been faced with disappointment because I have felt like the one willing to sacrifice to work while others are looking for things to come on a silver platter. I can’t rely on the good graces of others to move me along, which is why I am taking control of those elements I can do on my own.

As more things evolve I will share them with people. This should be a real fun adventure.

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Website Upgrade

Since my job was phased out in April, I restarted a project that was to upgrade the graphics for Chaotic Fringe. I knew with time changes is needed to keep up with the delivery systems and way people get information. I spend some time working on a new graphics scheme, a different layout for Chaotic Fringe and other innovations to make the experience better.

A few weeks ago my site was hacked, and while the attack was limited to a small section of my site, I felt the time might be right to do a full overhaul of my database online. I figured it might take months to fully get things in order but early Friday morning I got a crazy idea. I decided to do a drastic overhaul of all of the sites connected with GenX Noir Productions. For the past few days I’ve had little sleep while I worked on the modifications. It took some time and there were a few missteps but I did finish things ahead of schedule.

As of now Chaotic Fringe, the Chaotic Fringe blog and GenX Noir Productions have been reconfigured and are online and live. Now most of the sites under the GenX Noir Production banner are visible and active on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Enjoy.

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Welcome to GenX Noir Productions LLC

It had to happen. It was in the back of my mind for months and it took some little punk to make me do what I should have done. About a week ago I did a post on Chaotic Fringe and I saw a message from Google that my site had been hacked. It took a bit of investigating but I found that I was attacked through an old WordPress website I hadn’t removed from the site. It got me thinking about the other WordPress sites I had and how some, like WordBlog and the official site for GenX Noir, seemed a bit stale. I decided to take some time and do an overhaul of all the WordPress sites. I’m not sure how fresh and exciting the sites will be, but I feel better that they are cleaned up. Since I just found out today I might have a new job starting in a few weeks, it seems like karma that I would have a fresh start on this part of my web presence.

GenX Noir Productions LLC is the business site of my publishing ventures online. My main project is Chaotic Fringe and over the years I have expanded to The Poor Boy Cooking Show. Reality Gambit is a proposed comic book venture and Pizzas for Peace is a charitable foundation. GenX Noir Productions has the slogan from script to screen and everything in-between and that is the motive of the company. I have had the privilege of working on music videos, television pilots and planning for motion pictures. Recently photography has been added with a lot of the photography I have taken has covered the Phoenix and San Diego Comic Conventions. I am able to develop web presence, shoot video and market ideas for the web or traditional media. Much of the equipment needed to produce items I own, so if you need sound engineering, editing of video or a full blown production the materials are at my disposal and we can begin production at a moment’s notice. GenX Noir Productions treats every client with the attention needed to make sure the campaign is a success.

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