OK Computer, I Get It.

I guess you were tired of me using Paint Shop Pro. I guess you wanted to bump me up in the world, to get my skills levels up, so I’m not going to get too mad at you. I would say, the next time you want me to up my skills, just ask. Seriously, disabling my abilities to view files on Paint Shop Pro was not cool. Here’s the thing, I know during that time, with all the things going on with my parents, it was good to distract me into trying to figure how to fix the issue.

Could you have just suggested that I look at the Photoshop techniques and adapt them to Paint Shop Pro? Did you have to make it seem that I had to get Photoshop and then study numerous Photoshop tutorials. People saw me all week pouring over YouTube video instructions, all day yesterday I was watching instructional video. Yeah, I learned some good tricks, learned some new ways of doing things that are more efficient in workflow.

But really? I pull up Paint Shop Pro by accident this afternoon and the program works fine. All the files that were blocked are visible. Please don’t say once I loaded Photoshop it “healed” Paint Shop Pro. I had Photoshop installed Friday of last week tried loading a graphics file on Monday in Paint Shop Pro and it didn’t work. There have been no updates from Windows or Photoshop.

OK, I’ll keep studying Photoshop, I’ll keep refining my skills on it and Paint Shop Pro. Next time, don’t play me like that, OK.

About Reg Mizell

I still have the firebrand energy of my youth in the 70s and 80s. For a majority of my generation, mortgages, taxes, children and families had dampened our idealism for fighting the fight of the downtrodden and underclass and we look to our own families and significant others for what is practical. Like the Baby Boomers before us, we have lost the drive to fight, the drive to speak out because we worry about the repercussions to family and our social status. I can no longer sit on the sidelines and just observe the world. I can no longer try to speak to the better nature of ourselves while I see opposing voices spew hate and stir fear in our hearts. We must face the injustice, the inaccuracies and the falsehoods head on. My website Chaotic Fringe and my online venture GenX Noir Productions will be a forums for my eclectic tastes and a voice for my activism. I hope to never forget the voiceless and will not only speak for them but provide a forum where their voices can be heard. I will always provide frank and honest commentary about the world as I see it.
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