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Whenever my friend Suzanne wants to use me for a sounding board on one of her projects, I get inspired to revisit projects I have put aside and mull over the viability of restarting or revamping the projects. The past few years have been a roller coaster for me, but I know life is going to have ups and downs. I’ve realized how I’ve dealt with some of the low points has caused unforeseen side effects. I haven’t been me. I find myself in a midlife crisis and as much as I hate feeling like this it has been comforting and safe. The problem is I’ve been too shell-shocked to move forward. I’ve become the person I desperately didn’t want to be when I was younger and imagined my nightmare older self. As I examined myself during the holidays I saw myself as get along, don’t stir up trouble older guy.

Man, that isn’t me, at least that wasn’t me before the downward spiral happened.

Now that I know what has happened and why it happened I’m working hard at going back and finding me. The way back has been easier than it could have been because with the trials I’ve gone through, especially things in the last three months, I hear that stupid statement in my head that trump made during the election when he was trying to appeal to Black voters.

What have I got to lose.

By April I hope to have projects in place that will give a larger presence to GenX Noir Productions. The Poor Boy Cooking show will be back. I’m going to posts recipes on the pages of the site, which is a lot faster than doing videos. I hope to have videos posted again, but I’ve had a lot of people ask about how I come up with meals, especially when I add something unexpected, I wanted to have a forum to present that information easily.

After a discussion I had with Ken of Drawn to Comics, Reality Gambit will do expanded reviews. I’ve done reviews of TV shows at the end of season, but now I’ll do episode reviews of some shows. For comics, I’m going to review more but instead of individual issues I’ll start reviewing continuing story lines. I just got a new batch of comics last night (thanks Drawn to Comics again for my holds) and there were a couple of comics I want to sit down and savor.

I got the domain name a few years ago after hearing about it at the beginning of the Occupy movement, now Pizzas for Peace will finally become a reality. With the new administration, there will be many challenges for people to organize, protest and gather for change. I plan on Pizzas for Peace to be . . . well there’s a lot of things I want it to be and I haven’t hammered down all the details, but I’ve read a lot of Facebook posts from a lot of my friends from high school and I know there are people who want to do something but aren’t sure how. I’ll have more details as April approaches.

Well, I’ve got lots of things planned for the next few years it’s time for me to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

About Reg Mizell

I still have the firebrand energy of my youth in the 70s and 80s. For a majority of my generation, mortgages, taxes, children and families had dampened our idealism for fighting the fight of the downtrodden and underclass and we look to our own families and significant others for what is practical. Like the Baby Boomers before us, we have lost the drive to fight, the drive to speak out because we worry about the repercussions to family and our social status. I can no longer sit on the sidelines and just observe the world. I can no longer try to speak to the better nature of ourselves while I see opposing voices spew hate and stir fear in our hearts. We must face the injustice, the inaccuracies and the falsehoods head on. My website Chaotic Fringe and my online venture GenX Noir Productions will be a forums for my eclectic tastes and a voice for my activism. I hope to never forget the voiceless and will not only speak for them but provide a forum where their voices can be heard. I will always provide frank and honest commentary about the world as I see it.
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