Less than a Week to Go before the RNC / SDCC Trips

I have a little under a week before the travel plans begin and I’m not nearly as finished planning as I’d like to be. I’m probably going to have a day to wrap up a few loose ends before I have to pack. I have to get the packing done earlier than I want because I go to work one day and the next day I go to work again then leave straight from there to the airport for the red eye to Cleveland. It didn’t hit me how little time I have left, even though I have time technically the free time to prepare isn’t.

My friends in Cleveland have been very helpful. They know how I roll. As long as I have a corner to sleep in, a place to clean up and access to a power supply I’m good. This stage of the ‘vacation’ is more working than anything else because of the Republican convention and the changes that will be in Cleveland as far as schedules and routes.

I have a feeling a lot of what I’ll be doing on this leg of the adventure is standing on the outside of the fun stuff. I don’t have a pass onto the convention floor, so I’ll be outside with the protestors and supporters. Considering the events of last week, I have a feeling tensions will be high. I’ve joked to people that I might get hit by a Trump supporter. Now that might not be so much of a joke, although now the police have to be factored into the mix. I doubt anything will happen, but I have to be prepared.

The San Diego Comic-Con planning has been a lot easier only because I’ve been through it so many times. I think I’ll be able to see Rep John Lewis give his talk on the final book of his graphic novel MARCH. I’ve gone to his talk ever since he put out the first book and I’ve taken pictures and videos of each appearance. Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell, the co-writer and artist, have become my comic-con buddies who have been very gracious and open every time I’ve attended the event and after I’ve sent them video of the presentation. They are upright guys and I appreciate that they have been appreciative of the photos and videos I’ve done.

I will catch up with a lot of convention friends, both inside and outside the convention floor. Friday, when I’m not on the convention floor, I have to get the street preachers. So much weirdness with them.

Anyway, time is getting close and a lot has to be done, but this anxious time pays off in the end with a hopefully fulfilling experience.

About Reg Mizell

I still have the firebrand energy of my youth in the 70s and 80s. For a majority of my generation, mortgages, taxes, children and families had dampened our idealism for fighting the fight of the downtrodden and underclass and we look to our own families and significant others for what is practical. Like the Baby Boomers before us, we have lost the drive to fight, the drive to speak out because we worry about the repercussions to family and our social status. I can no longer sit on the sidelines and just observe the world. I can no longer try to speak to the better nature of ourselves while I see opposing voices spew hate and stir fear in our hearts. We must face the injustice, the inaccuracies and the falsehoods head on. My website Chaotic Fringe and my online venture GenX Noir Productions will be a forums for my eclectic tastes and a voice for my activism. I hope to never forget the voiceless and will not only speak for them but provide a forum where their voices can be heard. I will always provide frank and honest commentary about the world as I see it.
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