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My Mini Vacation

For most of the day, I anticipated the trip with my usual calm demeanor. I was excited days earlier about the planning, making sure I had everything for the trip and preparing the cat for my few days away. By … Continue reading

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Dream Big and Real

My dream job was to work for one of the big two comic book companies and have a long and distinguished career. Writing came natural for me and knew what was involved in having a career because I knew several … Continue reading

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My Friend Insomnia Returned

I got a couple of hours sleep today. Three I think. No, two. I went to bed just after 11pm. I noticed the radio was off just before 1am. I lost internet connectivity, which I knew was a bad sign … Continue reading

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Life Lesson from Star Citizen

Sometimes frustrating advice can be helpful in seeing past the BS and clarify the issue. Yesterday I posted an article about the ships I had in Star Citizen. I was trying to work out an ideal formula for the playstyle … Continue reading

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James Comey Day

Yes, I will say it now. I’m going to procrastinate today. Wait a minute. The James Comey testimony is today? Do I really want to see this? My political junkie side says, pull up the popcorn, fix me a non-alcoholic … Continue reading

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A Rough Anxiety Day

No radio noise for sleep last night, so I’m up and groggy. Not a good start of the day. That was the tweet I sent early yesterday morning. Yesterday was a struggle. Bad anxiety hit me just as I got … Continue reading

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Don’t Want Nobody’s Name on My Behind

I took a photo of this woman on the bus yesterday. When I did a quick edit and posted this morning, I noticed the woman, who was obviously striking, but what shook me were the amount of company logos she … Continue reading

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Focusing on Productive and Necessary Planning

Ever since getting the call on Friday from my mother about the state of her and especially my father, I’ve been mentally scrambling to figure out how to raise the money, get affairs in order when I have to leave … Continue reading

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Pot, Kettle, Have You Met?

A few days ago, when The View panel was talking about health care, Sunny Hostin was vigorous in stating the Obamacare was working wonderfully for people and even though others on the panel used personal examples of the program not … Continue reading

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Thin Skinned Bully DJT

The man in the Oval Office got offended by a video by Snoop Dogg, posting the following message of Twitter.             This said by the same person who spent years accusing Obama of being born … Continue reading

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