Hell Is For Children

Before I left work Tuesday, this headline from CNN that made me sick to my stomach –

The Florida state House on Tuesday rejected a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines as dozens of survivors of last week’s school shooting headed to the state Capitol to turn their grief into political action.

Lawmakers voted down a motion to consider the ban during a session that opened with a prayer for the 17 people killed by a former student last Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. The vote was 36-71.

Stoneman Douglas students in the gallery during the vote appeared stunned, according to CNN affiliate Spectrum News 13/Bay News 9.

You know, the Florida lawmakers have spit in those students faces. They have the nerve to open with a prayer? They looked into the faces of the students and told them they don’t matter.

Just to make it clear, they voted against a measure to CONSIDER a ban on semi-automatic weapons. They voted against DISCUSSING the issue. Meanwhile, they did take a stand declared pornography a public health risk.

This morning I was surprised, but in retrospect shouldn’t have been, with some fringe pundits and YouTube vbloggers making accusations that the students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are liberal plants, crisis actors and paid activists. It’s too easy to pass these crazy theories as the rants of unstable people. The reality is these reports are making their way from the fringes to mainstream media. In the case of an aide to state Representative Shawn Harrison, it was suggested some students were crisis actors to a local paper. That aide was fired but other theories about the students have made their way into the press.

What is so disconcerting is a significant number of people, and I think this is safe to say, will hear a statements and will believe it at face value. They won’t take the time to investigate on their own, use a skeptical eye and judge the source of the information.

These are students with no agenda who have seen fellow students murdered. They did what we tell them to do. They saw, they went to the authorities and they weren’t believed. A former student went on campus and shot people. They are demanding action. They are demanding that adults to something, to look at the issue of gun violence and do something as adults.

What has the response of the adults? They blame everyone but themselves for the massacre. They ignored the signs the students pointed out to them. They refuse to even discuss the subject of banning assault rifles but will declare porn is a health issue. Some think it’s easier to believe the students are actors or plants by liberals rather than understand the pain and trauma the students are facing and take decisive action.

For young people today, watch your elders. Question authority. Fight the power. You are not a number, you are a person. Get angry. Make good trouble.

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