Irony is Ignored

This message was sent out by the person in the White House.





What is so hilarious about the statement is he has no sense of irony about the statement, so sense of context, which he claims which is missing about allegations. This person has made allegations without any proof, without due process.

Do you remember the time you claimed Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States? You demanded to see his birth certificate, something that hadn’t been demanded by any other President. When presented with proof, you claimed it was fake and fabricated. You never apologized. Well, you claimed you apologized, but the simple words “I’m sorry” never crossed your lips, which is something you have demanded people to say in the past.

Speaking of another incident of when you didn’t look at due process, what about the Central Park 5? Your knee jerk reaction was to lock them up and throw away the key. When, after being arrested, jailed then found innocent, you didn’t apologize.

Your problem is you have surrounded yourself with people who think like yourself, who feel that laws that apply to other people don’t apply to them. You want to talk about due process when pertaining to yourself and those around you, but will react to mere allegations and rumors without finding out the facts with others.

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