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The main reason I don’t like having the weekends off has been a reminder to myself today. I had to work a few hours today and tomorrow, making up time so I get my full paycheck for the High Holy Day I’m taking on Friday (Star Wars: The Last Jedi release date). The bus schedule on the weekends are terrible, so travel had to be planned to add in long waits for connections. If you must go to a shopping center, the weekends will be the time when they are packed.

If I plan to stay home, there’s not a lot on TV. I was expecting that I would have a marathon of Ion TV reruns of the Law and Order franchise, but during the holidays, it’s nothing but Hallmark TV like feel good Christmas shows. Not what I’m looking forward to on my days off.

I mean, I must be serious and say I’m complaining as an annoyance not as a real grievance. I’ve got a backlog of TV shows I can watch, and will probably start digging into tomorrow. I could be like a couple of Facebook friends I have that have to work two jobs to keep their heads above water. My financial position is not where I want it to be (really how much money is enough money!) but I can work a little overtime, pay the bills and have something extra.

I thought the end of last year was bad, with my stuff getting taken, and I was optimistic things would turn around this year. Well, I’m not going to say this year was bad, but it has been challenging. My parents and their health issues have been an emotional strain for me this year. I’ve had to reconcile some emotions I’ve had suppressed for decades. It’s made be a bit scattered, I’ve made some embarrassing and bad choices, but most of those bad choices I have recovered from. I’m not in a what I would call a happy place right now, but I’m coping with the dredged-up emotions.

I’m taking things a step at a time and I’m trying, not always successfully, to work through the issues I have.

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