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It Is Not Jessica Chastain’s Fault

There was a cover to an LA Times special article where six white actresses, including Jessica Chastain, was presented with the headline “Actresses call for a change in the way many stories are told – A Shift in Focus.” The … Continue reading

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Merry Holidays

Of those that are doing this over the phone, and thankfully it’s not a lot of them, people are wishing me a Merry Christmas. All of them. No Happy Holidays, no Happy Hanukkah or even Happy Kwanzaa. I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Bye Omarosa, Don’t Let Door Hit You

Here is the one statement I want to dive into on the story about Omarosa getting fired/departing the White House. “When I have a chance to tell my story, Michael, quite a story to tell. As the only African-American woman … Continue reading

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No More Moore

Wednesday morning, Roy Moore lost the election to become an Alabama senator, and a lot of praise went out to the people of Alabama mentioning how important the victory of Doug Jones was. All sorts of analysis were made about … Continue reading

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Another Quick Post

The main reason I don’t like having the weekends off has been a reminder to myself today. I had to work a few hours today and tomorrow, making up time so I get my full paycheck for the High Holy … Continue reading

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