Must Study

I’ve neglected some important part of my mental and educational growth in the past years. Yesterday, I started mapping out a path I wanted to pursue with many video and audio recording for Star Citizen. What I realized was my techniques and skills haven’t kept up with current technology. Things that would have been second nature to me a year ago I struggled with preparing. With some things, the programs were very old, other things had equipment that was neglected and I couldn’t remember how to use.

It reminded me of my recent work experience, where I couldn’t recall simple stuff that I used to do years ago without sweating. I have a new goal now; reacquaint myself with the skill set I’ll need to progress in the multi-media environment. In my head I can see what I want to do, and I know I have the equipment to do them, but I’m having trouble piecing the elements together. I finally got something put together for Star Citizen, but it wasn’t the original vision I wanted to present.

By the beginning of next year, I would like to start a new creative venture, but I need to get myself focused on learning a better workflow and ways of creating the content. To do that, I’m going to have the shake off the cobwebs and learn more efficient ways of accomplishing my vision.

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