Future Thinking

Since I was in college, I’ve known I’m not corporate material. I’ve never wanted to be Capt. Kirk. I could be Spock, maybe Scotty, but never Kirk. I’m a knowledgeable adviser, a person straddling the people and the corps, but if push comes to shove I’m always going to take the side of the people; the underdog to the corporation.

When I was a supervisor at a previous job decades ago, I would normally take the side of the employees in disputes. That hurt me because it would hinder me from promotions because I didn’t play ball with the corporate interests. I started treated my position in a lot of jobs I had as an “us against them” proposition.

Now that I’m older, especially after my last experience, taking the role of opposition works well for a made for TV feel good movie but doesn’t work well in real life. At the last job I had, the one I worked at for almost a month before returning to my previous job, the goal was to fit in. It was strange being in an environment of what I felt was forced cooperation and less than sincere teamwork.

I can’t see myself being a corporate guy, but I’m learning to carve a niche for myself, balancing my support for the little guy and, frankly, trying to hold onto a job. The issue I have is I’m not getting younger. I can’t be the firebrand anymore because it’s harder as I get older to keep and maintain a job. Here’s the thing as I see it now; I’m happy at my current job and I know if I lose this job, at my age, finding new work at this level will be hard to do.

Look, I’m not thinking of leaving my job anytime. Like I said, I’m happy here and grateful to work here, but my experience a few months ago makes me a little worried that, heaven forbid, if something happens I might not find comparable employment. The options I have for jobs as I get older are going to more than likely pay less than what I make now. I’ve been mulling about some options to make money in my later years.

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