Drought in Arizona

One of the bad financial issues that happened to me was my water was cut off. The water was off for almost a week as I was trying to get caught up after facing some financial issues. I made a call yesterday to what I thought was the agency that handled water issues, but I was told I needed to contact another agency, an advocacy agent, that handled the particular issue I had.

I sent an email to the agency in the afternoon and as of this morning I had heard nothing from them. This morning, at 1am, I did a check of the water and it was mysteriously on. I flushed the toilet, washed some clothes that had piled up, and water was flowing to my home. I don’t know what happened but I was glad to have water again.

A few minutes ago, I got a message and it was from the first agency that told me I didn’t to go to another agency to get a resolution of the water issue.

We do not turn the water off even if the homeowner may be in collections. We also do not contact the City to do any water shut offs. The community manager went by today to check the metering service and stated it was on.

So, I read this and was a bit confused. The water has been off from Saturday to Thursday morning. I was told, and I do have an email copy, that your company doesn’t shut off water yet the water was shut off. Do I think it’s unusual that water would go off then brought back on in the middle of the night? Of course. Do I find it odd that a community manager came by today and the meter was working, yet didn’t knock on the door or otherwise contact me that they were here and saw the meter was working? Not an issue at all.

I’m willing to say it’s an odd coincidence that the water was off and on in the course of two weeks. I may have questions as to why water was cut, but the desired effect was achieved. I’m catching up on my delinquent bill and I have running water. I’m not fully sure I buy they don’t have control over the water system, and while I do find it unusual that water would be restored in the middle of the might, my personal observation is I had water cut off for a few days last week, then as soon as I put in money towards paying the bill water was restored. I was given the run around as to who to contact about getting water restored, then once it was restored and the one time I was away from my home for an hour and a half, I get an email saying someone was out here and verified the water was working.

It was just coincidence the person was here at the one time in the day, since I’ve been up since 1am, that I was out of the house and they couldn’t ring the doorbell or leave a note.

While I have questions about the events, as long as I’m up and running with water I can live with the outcome. Like I said, I have water and I’m working on getting myself back in balance.

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