Morning Miff

This morning I’m already modifying my plans. My plan was to get up early and start doing a massive cleaning of the house. Last night I visited two places after work. I went to Big Lots and picked up some discount apple juice and hit up a cafeteria Chinese restaurant near my home.

I don’t know if it was the juice or Chinese food but I woke up this morning with a rumbling in my tummy. It was good that I’m off work today because my guts are just under the surface angry. So, I’m having a slow go this morning. It will be over 100 today so I’ll head out later today to grab some light food and I may still end up cleaning, but not with the full force I planned on.

Something I learned on my work drama was that I’m not as up to date on tech as I’d like to think. Now that I’m getting back into a routine I’m going to jump my game up on tech just a tad. I must make the tech work for me and there are areas, like WordPress, where I know enough to do what I need to do, but I don’t know as much I need to know. I want to up my game and I’m going to have to study to do it.

The push for this, as always, goes to my parents, but don’t read this as a praise to them. Two days ago, I made a call to my mother, and I’ll just say it didn’t go too well. I’m trying to be respectful because all the health issues my parents are going through, but I’m getting frustrated with every call I make to them turning into an argument about my life choices. It’s a tennis match between praises on how a good son I am and disappointment that I haven’t turned out like some relatives I’m constantly compared to.

Of course, I dwell on the negatives but the support I didn’t get from my parents I got from friends. There were some posts I put on Facebook and the support I got, the encouragement I got kept me going through these last few weeks. I’m in an interesting place right now. I feel I was crazy lost and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and no, I don’t think the light is the headlights of an oncoming vehicle <grin>).

Yes, so I’m under the weather this morning but I’m still going to get up and do stuff with the day. It won’t be a lot but it will be progress.

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