A Little Reality in a MMO Game

There was an interesting post I got this morning in regard to a piece I wrote for my Star Citizen character.

Quick background: the piece was a fictional account of a LA police officer who shot an unarmed Banu woman. The Banu are an alien race within Star Citizen. The family of the victim called it murder and the officer claimed it was self-defense.

So, the main critique of the person who posted stated I got a lot incorrect about the Banu, such as they don’t have a traditional family structure and they have short life spans. When I thought about it, I could have tried to fudge and defend the writing by saying the lifespan wasn’t really established and maybe a Banu at 40 years old might be old if their lifespan is 55 years old. What I realized was I wrote the article in January of this year and there, as they pointed out, an article detailing the Banu in March or April of this year. I should have checked and revised the article.

The second issue they had with the article I gently disagreed with. They wrote:

Another side side note… cops usually don’t have a gun out on you unless you are being openly hostile even when someone goes for a gun or weapon that is usually the time a cop will unholster theirs pushing a person back and stepping back to get their gun free in the same motion

This was my response to the second issue they had:

As far as the police procedure, I based this story on an actual incident where the police didn’t follow the correct procedure. That can be further documented by other incidents in the news where the correct procedure wasn’t followed. It could be possible that the officer hated, disliked, mistrusted or didn’t get the proper training in handling suspects under the influence or wasn’t trained in Banu traditions or culture. Even with the proper training, mistakes can happen. As I was interpreting this incident, the officer overreacted and, not to say she outright lied about the events, but she may have misinterpreted the events as they occurred. Remember, the Banu is dead and cannot give her side of the story and other officers on the scene would have been influenced by what Peyer said at the time.

One of the reasons why I went with the Law and Order style of writing for my approach was to inject some realism into this fictional roleplaying universe. People aren’t perfect and they don’t make the right decisions all the time. One of the backstories I have in the lore I’m creating is a small group called Earth First. They do not like aliens influencing the culture or Earth. Some are full on isolationists and want to drive all the aliens off the planet, but a majority of the Earth First people, and as a reminder the Earth First people are a small minority of the population at less than 105 having those views, but the Earth First people worry about the culture of aliens having a corrupting and accepting effect on society.

That’s kind of the broad perspective of where I was coming from. Take it out of the alien concept, c’mon, how many cops shootings have there been in the past few years? This was based on one real life incident, which the names and location changed to protect the innocent.

I’m glad this person responded to my post and I’m glad I didn’t just ignore them or send out a flame laced response. With a calm and laid out answer to them it is possible to educate and move forward.

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