Uncle Trump and the Boy Scouts

A week ago, the President gave what many commentators have called a very inappropriate speech to the Boy Scout Jamboree. Not only was the speech incredibly political, but the speech seemed, maybe inappropriate is too strong of a word but it seemed an odd tone when you realize the audience was made up of mostly 12- 18-year-old boys.

To me, it was a lot of locker room mentality in the speech.

One thing I need to clear up, which will not be seen on Fox News, is that contrary to what Trump said in his speech, Obama did send a pre-recorded message to the Boy Scout Jamboree in 2010. To be clear, he did not physically attend but he did have a pre-recorded speech at the event.

As a side note, this is the most infuriating thing about this President. He exaggerates to such an incredible degree that he misses the opportunity of less is more. If he didn’t mention former President Obama in his speech, or if he said President Obama never physically attended a jamboree, he would be on very soft but kind of OK grounds to say Obama didn’t attend a jamboree. No, he must say he never attended. Yet, there is proof he talked to the crowd.

The thing is that the Fox News crowd will never split the hairs, will not do the analysis and comparison. They will take the current officeholder at his word. Speaking of Fox News, I heard on the early morning radio broadcast that a host said why are people are concerned about the speech of the President? He said the Boy Scout organization should have known what they were getting into when they invited the President.

Excuse me?

They expected the President to be presidential. They expected the President to understand he was speaking not to voters but to the freaking Boy Scouts! This is not your drunk uncle giving a winded, bringing up family secrets Thanksgiving speech. This was not the time to be regular Trump; the guy who can’t let go of a grudge.

Trump is less like the President of the United States and more like John Candy from Uncle Buck.

The sad understanding coming from this is Trump, and I guess some at Fox News, find this normal and shame on the Boy Scouts for not understanding what the President is like. I guess from now on we cannot expect this President to rise above petty litigation of the previous election and focus on inspiring us and the youth of this country to become better than we are.

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