What would it take to convince people that Trump should not be the President?

My friend posted as interesting question a few hours ago:

Honest question. Donald Trump said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters”. Looking at the FiveThirthEight analysis of polls, he actually enjoys an approval rating of around 40%. His supporters echo his claim that he has done more than any other president in his first days of office. They don’t care about collusion with Russia or his tweets or his conflicts of interest that violate the constitution. They don’t seem to care that he has alienated our allies or about any of the myriad actions that in a normal world would disqualify him from ANY government job. So my question is, what would it take to convince 40% of the population that this man should not be the president?

The cold simple fact is they will not be convinced.

The big problem is with Trump is the same problem with your garden variety common criminal, scoundrel or worthless baby daddy. As a person on the outside, you can try to convince how wrong Trump is, how detrimental Trump is, but if some have convinced themselves Trump is going good, you will not change their minds. The reasons for sticking with Trump could be because of a political agenda, maybe because they are profiting from Trump or it could be dumb luck that Trump has no impact on their family. As long as Trump isn’t seen as a threat in their eyes, and since they have invested so much in Trump, they will lie, deflect and ignore any thing that hurts that gravy train.

Have you seen Kellyanne Conway on interviews today? Have you seen Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator trying to defend Trump yesterday? If you saw that spectacle a week or so ago where Trump asked for and got almost every cabinet member in the room singing the praises of Trump, then I feel it’s unlikely many people in Middle America, who voted for Trump would change their minds. Conway, Lord and all those cabinet members are sticking with Trump and every day, in the case of Conway and Lord, they go to the American people, look them in the eye and lie us.

I heard this morning that just under 35% are in favor of Trump. Sure, you can say that 65% are against him, but since the Republicans are trying to get their piece of the pie they aren’t going to challenge Trump. With the Democrats, you literally need to have a “come to the deity of your choice moment” and unite against one candidate.

Here’s what I see at the moment; as much as there are reports about dissension in ranks, the Republicans cannot mount a coup for new leadership. They’re going to be stuck with Trump with no one to challenge him. As long as they, and Trump, have an Obama obsession they’re going to think about the short and not the long term. They’re hitched their wagon on hatred of Obama, it got them Trump, and most of the power players in the Republican party figure they can ride the wave for 4 to 8 tears and position themselves for life after Trump.

The other side of the coin is that Democrats want that savior to come in and unite the country. Unfortunately, they keep thinking old guard candidates right now. Do you see one candidate that has overwhelming support of the Democratic party that can challenge Trump? Four special elections and four losses. OK, so you might mention Elizabeth Warren or . . . that’s the problem. You can name Warren but I don’t see her doing any better against Trump. There is no one out there on the national stage challenging Trump.

As long as the critics of Trump are comedians and talk show hosts, he will continue to keep the support of the hardcore followers. Get some real, out of the box thinking politician, of which there are none at the moment, to really go for the heart of Trump. Otherwise, we will be stuck with Trump for longer than expected.

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