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When I got home Wednesday around 8pm, I wanted to do a little project to change some wording on the organization (guild) in Star Citizen. A few words being changed turned into making a “few” other changes. It’s now Friday and I finally got a few hours of sleep. I spent most of the day and evening making those “few” changes, which went into a graphic overhaul of the page as well as creating a Facebook page for the site.

The frustration, OK sort of frustration, I get from getting so focused is I can get tunnel vision and I will plow through a project. Between 8pm Wednesday and 9pm last night I got 1 hour of sleep, and I know the reason I woke up was because I had turned off the AC and it was hella hot inside the room.

I did have a food break at 10am on Thursday, but every time I wanted to get something to eat I kept thinking I would finish one last little thing and I would take a break, and I find something else to focus on.

The thing I didn’t count on was Photoshop. In the past I’d used another graphics program but it got corrupted a month or two ago to the point where it wouldn’t recognize jpg files. I signed up for Photoshop but I hadn’t taken the time to do full navigation of the program. In the back of my head, I thought that I had to learn Photoshop and the best way to learn was by diving into something.

So, I stumbled through Photoshop while getting the graphics prepared, and the presentation for the site set up, then I got the idea to set up a Facebook page for the site. That’s when I realized, other than the hour of sleep, I have been glued to my computer the whole time. I missed a call from a friend, I missed visiting my bartender friend because I knew she would be working until 6pm and I was pretty sure I was going to be at a stopping point so I could stop by.

At 9pm I went to the grocery store to pick up stuff, specifically to make breakfast this morning because of yesterday.

It’s now 8:30am and after going to bed at 2am and waking up at 6am, I’m back at this blasted computer and I keep saying, just a few more minutes. Right now, the graphics changes I made yesterday aren’t displaying on the main game page. It is probably a glitch on the server site, since all the other graphic changes in game are working and I did find someone with the same issue. After taking an hour to reproduce, document and sent the information over to the Star Citizen site, I’m kicking myself why I just don’t start a new organization. It would be easy (I have all the files copied) and I don’t have other members I need to inform of the change. I just keep seeing that 200+ day counter on the board. I don’t want to start over again, but that might be the best and sanest option. I know doing an investigation as to why the issue is occurring is at the low end of task, especially since there is 1 other person who initially reported the issue.

I have to break away from the desk because I feel another narrow focus coming. Already I’m thinking about just starting over, but I also want to get a formal website up. It’s just weird that I spend my days off locked in a room staring at a computer screen.

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