My Friend Insomnia Returned

I got a couple of hours sleep today. Three I think. No, two. I went to bed just after 11pm. I noticed the radio was off just before 1am. I lost internet connectivity, which I knew was a bad sign for me because without listening to something, I would stay awake for hours. I tried stay in bed, but I was frustrated because I had no internet and because I wasn’t getting back to sleep.

Five minutes later, slightly annoyed and frustrated, I woke up. I went to my computer and yes, there was caution sign showing I had a local connection. I should have realized it might be a minor glitch, but I wasn’t thinking. I reset the modem and I figures I’d wash some clothes and watch some bad TV, which at 1am, turned out to be Dateline: Mysteries. This is a show where they show real life crimes and with dramatic music, a serious and gravelly voiced narrator, and just a few missteps to make you guess who is the real killer, it is the kind of show that sneaks up on you with interest on a late Sunday night/ Monday morning.

By the first commercial break, I was reminded I wanted to do the laundry and I loaded some clothes in and started the wash. By the second commercial break, I remembered I wanted to check the internet connection.

The good news that the connection was back. The bad news is I’m wide awake. So now I’m washing clothes, watching Dateline and surfing the web. I can’t sleep. Starting the day right (not!).

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