Life Lesson from Star Citizen

Sometimes frustrating advice can be helpful in seeing past the BS and clarify the issue.

Yesterday I posted an article about the ships I had in Star Citizen. I was trying to work out an ideal formula for the playstyle I have in the game, the options I wanted for professions I wanted to pursue and to do this on an affordable amount. I put the information on my website and I posted the information to Spectrum, the official Star Citizen forum.

After an unrelated call to my mother (which went alright until the last five minutes of conversation when things turned sour) I checked the responses to my Spectrum inquiry. It seemed like it was a continuation of the call to my mother because instead of helpful information I was lightly criticized for my post. To be precise there were 3 responses at that time, and they were either confused as to the actual question or I was accused of being naïve because the ships were of unremarkable value and they assumed I was bragging about the ships I had.

A few hours later I had three more responses, still wondering if I was bragging with mediocre ships or not understanding the question. I will say that I didn’t put the inquiry in the form of a question, but I thought I had been clear about looking for options for my profession. By 6pm I decided to terminate the thread.

What I found interesting about the thread was before I terminated it I had close to 70 people reading the thread. For a post being up for 13 hours that was a good number in my eyes. Probably if I focused on the reads I might have been satisfied with that as a positive take away, but with the few responses and my mindset, there wasn’t a way for me to put a positive spin on things.

What confused me about the inquiry, especially about the bragging aspect, is that I didn’t think by listing the ships I had constituted bragging. On constant videos on YouTube, I’ll see ship reviews or players doing test on ships. I will see them scroll through the ships in the kiosk. Some have a little, some have a lot. I don’t assume they’re bragging about the ships they own.

I did explain how I wanted to stay focused on my profession in the game, but I wanted to multi-task. I used as an example the Drake Caterpillar, which is a ship I think is very cool looking and would love to buy if I had the money, but since it hauls freight and I have two ships capable of hauling freight and it needs a crew of 4, as much as I like it I will probably pass on it.

That’s how my thinking goes with purchases. I think of the uses, the options and ultimately I will decide if it is a good fit or not. I figured, since there are sites and videos that goes through explanations and options for determining ship purchases, I could explain my thought process.

Like I said, I was more confused than mad about the misinterpretation of my sentiment. There was a time soon after I joined Star Citizen that I had a problem with griefing and the response, basically, was for me to suck it up. I didn’t like the responses, but I took measures to make changes to my play style, which meant learning PVP skills. Now, when it arrives that I get griefed I can handle the situation a lot easier.

I have had to handle the “pressures” of work in a way I have to deal with “griefing” in Star Citizen. When there are certain obstinate sites or vendors at the site, I try not to get mad at the situation. When I try to push my way to the resolution I want, there can be unwanted pushback, which makes me push back and it could get ugly. If I put a smile on my face (it’s fake since it’s on the phone) and listen and work to find the core issue and get it resolved, it tends to end up OK for all involved. I may not give them the answer they want, but at the end the stores and vendors know I’ve exhausted all avenues to resolve the issue.

I’ve realized I’m better off as roleplaying in Star Citizen and that is how I’ll handle issues in the future. It has already paid off because that evening Star Citizen had a Father’s Day sale with two racing ships for sale. The redundant explorer ship I owned I traded in for the one of the racing ships. It didn’t cost anything as I traded in hanger for the price difference. It looks like I might be making a few trades in the next few weeks which will further stabilize my multi-profession activities in the game.

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