A Rough Anxiety Day

No radio noise for sleep last night, so I’m up and groggy. Not a good start of the day.

That was the tweet I sent early yesterday morning. Yesterday was a struggle. Bad anxiety hit me just as I got to work. Kept myself quiet, forced myself through the issue. I know that a contributor to the issue was the internet connection on my tablet I use next to the bed wasn’t working. I thought it was a wide range internet outage so I ignored it. It turned out the device was the issue and my router just needed a reboot.

It’s been so frustrating that the little things are causing so much difficulties right now. I know intellectually it has to do with the stress of dealing with my parents’ condition. The thing is, as much as I know rationally what’s going on, meaning I should be able to identify and work around it, I haven’t been able to do this as efficiently as I would like.

Oh, to the guy with the flip phone who was texting or something with the sound on so every type could be heard; you figured because you look like a homeless crazy guy you act crazy? Seriously, I saw other people pissed off and wanting to do bodily harm to you. Very jerky move on your part.

So, what broke through the anxiety? Well, the Star Wars toys (trust me, a small display) at work subliminally reminded me that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, came out yesterday. It didn’t hit me it was out until I left work. That little reminder worked and I felt a lot better. Picked up the Blu-Ray before I got home.

When I get off work today, I’m going to see if I can get an affordable tablet to replace the defective one.

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