Don’t Want Nobody’s Name on My Behind

I took a photo of this woman on the bus yesterday. When I did a quick edit and posted this morning, I noticed the woman, who was obviously striking, but what shook me were the amount of company logos she had on. It wasn’t NASCAR crazy but to me she was a billboard. 

I remember the early 80s crazy of designer jeans. It was a sign of status to have the designer’s name stitched on the butt pocket of jeans. Nothing got between 16 years old Brooke Shield’s Calvin’s. I know manufacturers try to get symbols and logos synonymous with a product so we automatically associate their brand with a product. I think I was taken aback because I’m used to the caricature image I see of advertising. Its that NASCAR example I mentioned which I used to think as a thing but it isn’t.

You get coffee from a fast food place or convenience store and that logo advertises that chain. Jeans, shirts and other clothes have logos stamped on them. I might take some time to see what Android phone you have but an Apple phone can be spotted yards away.

We tell ourselves we get those items for style or quality, but we are influenced by little things we don’t notice. I probably won’t buy a Nike jumpsuit, but was craving a soda later that afternoon and I’m not a big soda drinker.

Traveling this morning I’m seeing subtle and blatant advertising on everybody. From designer clothes and accessories, gadgets from phones to headphones, shoes, bicycles; I feel like I’ve been dropped into the They Live movie. Everything I see seems to have subliminal consumer messages. Well, not really so subliminal since its plain to see.

Too bad I’m all out of bubblegum.

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