Pot, Kettle, Have You Met?

A few days ago, when The View panel was talking about health care, Sunny Hostin was vigorous in stating the Obamacare was working wonderfully for people and even though others on the panel used personal examples of the program not working. She was quick to say that you can’t use anecdotal evidence and need to look at the whole picture. A few days later, a discussion was going on about proposed cuts in the budget, including Meals on Wheels. Sonny Hostin, on this issue, was quick to use the personal example of her grandmother using Meals on Wheels to illustrate how vital the program was and when confronted with statistics, argued that people with the statistical information should talk to her grandmother.

What I saw on The View is the reason a lot of conservatives can laugh at liberals. I get where liberals can call conservatives silly and not sticking to facts, but when you don’t do it yourself, you have no supporting arguments when criticism is thrown at you. I understand why Hostin would use her grandmother as an illustration of a benefit of Meals on Wheels. Using her grandmother shows a benefit of the program, much like others, in illustrating the concerns of Obamacare, used personal examples illustrating failures of Obamacare.

I see this happening too many times with talking heads. They’re very quick to silence, over talk or otherwise intimidate people on subjects they’re passionate about. They will use whatever they can to convince the crowd they’re correct. Logic has nothing to do with winning the hearts and souls of the audience. It’s all emotions by personal stories, cold facts or gotcha moments. It’s not about presenting information and letting the viewer decide on the issue.

Look, you can’t one day you wants stats and no personal stories then the next use a personal story to buttress your facts. As a lawyer Hostin knows better, but I believe part of the reason why no one called her on the double standard she used was because she is a lawyer and, because it was a heated discussion on both topics and days apart, there might not have been pause enough to look back and think through how her argument was contradictory.

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