Waking Up to Alternative Facts

I woke up this morning, as I do most mornings, listening to the Alan Colmes Show. Even though its on a progressive station, the show is a FoxNews production. The show is the worst example of liberalism. The host comes off as a smug, thin skinned know it all who, at any moment, is willing to insult and berate the callers in a passive/aggressive way.

I listen because I get so angry at some of the callers and his response I can’t help but get out of bed.

Thankfully Colmes had a guest host this morning and he allowed callers to talk without attacking them. The topic was alternative facts and what probably shouldn’t have been a surprise was that most of the callers had no problems with alternative facts. The truth is, they saw alternative facts as the truth. It was the press and those who don’t support Trump promoting fake news to undermine President Trump.

It was enlightening and sad listening to callers talk about the press secretary and the inauguration crowd estimates. The line of justification of the press secretary statements went like this with most of the callers I heard. They believed the media, who hate Trump (they hate Trump was repeated a lot by callers), doctored or deliberately misinformed the public on the photos. The lighting proved that the photo from Trump was done in the early morning said one. The Trump crowd was packed in closer said another. Some agreed with the alternative fact by the press secretary that the white covering highlighted the empty spots and if the Obama photo had the same covering, it would show the same gaps.

If you ever watched the Maury Show when screaming mothers try to prove who is the father of their baby, the hilarious part for me is when the bickering parents, who probably barely graduated high school biology, suddenly are genetics experts who point out nose, eyes and other distinctive features that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the man is the father of the child. That’s what the callers were like about the photos. The callers were ‘experts’ in lighting and Photoshop, discussing in certainty marks that definitely proved the point the administration was making about alternative facts.

Others used false equivalency to prove a point, just like the press secretary using the mistaken report of the MLK bust being removed to infer you couldn’t trust the press because they lied. Since Obama lied about something, and callers presented some rather weak examples of lies by Obama, that meant the crowd estimates his administration had to be wrong and the new administration was right.

The guest host tried to challenge callers on their assumptions and if the host backed them into a corner, the response was the same. All administrations lie so it doesn’t matter.

I’ve heard liberal hosts wondering why Trump would continue with his lies, just as insisting he lost the popular votes because of illegal voting. It plays to the 40%+ of the voter who elected Trump and see the attack on their President as an attack on them. They don’t want to investigate the information. They’re willing to accept the Maryanne Conway explanation of alternative facts because of the distrust they have of the liberal media. For over 20 years they have been fed concentrated information from right wing radio and FoxNews. They don’t want to question the news they get because it fits into their worldview. When something challenges that view they dismiss it.

First with fake news and now alternative facts, the Trump administration will have no problem in blocking attempts by the press to search for the truth. We’ve seen the blueprints with the crowd estimates. By tweeting that the bias liberal media is making false news and offering alternative facts, those citizens loyal to Trump and, more importantly, those citizens who feel right or wrong, good or bad, you support the elected President of the United States without question, the Trump administration will be able to sell their agenda to the public.

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