I just listened to 30 minutes of Trump talk from a group of Trump supporters. Funny, right now CNN has something on called why do Trump supporters dismiss Russian hacks reports. The group I just listened to explained that and more.

So this group I listened to, about 15 blue collar solid American workers, were at my job getting ready to do maintenance work. The first thing I heard one of them say was “That Kellyanne lady’s hot for and old lady.” “And smart too,” someone else added.

Yeah. I had to listen to what they were going to say.

It was seriously like listening to talking points spewed by some right wing radio host. The media was behind all the hate against Trump. Like the tag line I saw on CNN they didn’t care about Russia because the media was blowing stuff up. Of course, these guys weren’t fans of Obama. He fucked stuff up was how one guy put it.

Every day I get reminders of how seriously messed up we are as a country and every day I wonder should I just shut up and laugh at people as the world goes to Hell. I’m not that cold yet. I still care and want to let my voice be heard. I’m just seeing a lot of people not caring anymore. That group of Trump supporters were proud of not following the news closely. They were knee jerk reaction folks. 

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  1. It’s really frightening. I’ve heard some of the same thing. They are so out of touch with facts that I don’t see any way to reach them. I don’t think it’s worth trying with those people. It’s the people that Trump fooled who kind of held their noses and voted for him that we have a chance with. Though, to be honest, I despise those people for being willing to go that far.

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