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Gingrich Has No Principles

Said on Fox & Friends by Newt Gingrich: Schumer could conjure up tears for people being held in an airport but not for the hundreds shot and killed in Chicago? Hmm, where is your concern Gingrich? Where are your tears … Continue reading

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Reminder that Change is Slow

I read an article today that talked about how a black organization was exploiting the death of a black man, using the incident as “a springboard for an organized hate campaign.” The article talks about how community leaders are trying … Continue reading

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Waking Up to Alternative Facts

I woke up this morning, as I do most mornings, listening to the Alan Colmes Show. Even though its on a progressive station, the show is a FoxNews production. The show is the worst example of liberalism. The host comes … Continue reading

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The Miseducation of Kellyanne Conway

I heard about the Kellyanne Conway “alternative facts” statement. First, I have to say people should stop calling it falsehoods. Its lying so let’s not try to dress it as anything different. Second, I would suggest if all you’ve heard … Continue reading

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Trump and The New American Era

I wish everyone would remember from November 1 until now. I want everyone to remember the joy, sorrow or mixed emotions they felt leading up to election day. I want them to remember the day after the election. I want … Continue reading

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Good Trouble

Something happened over the weekend, which will culminate on Friday, that demonstrates how frustrating, sad and delusional the citizens of the United States can be. Over the weekend, Rep. John Lewis said he didn’t believe President-elect Trump was a legitimate … Continue reading

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The Creative Struggle

I think this is the crazy realism for most would be creative individuals. If we had a patron who could keep us on track with the day-to-day functioning of society, there would be a lot of creative people who would … Continue reading

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I just listened to 30 minutes of Trump talk from a group of Trump supporters. Funny, right now CNN has something on called why do Trump supporters dismiss Russian hacks reports. The group I just listened to explained that and … Continue reading

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The Offended White Boy

Do you remember Bo Bice? Neither did I. Not too long ago there was a show called American Idol, where semi-talented singers entered a contest to get a record deal. In 2005, Bice competed on the show but lost to … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year Sick

My second day of being sick. Thanks for the welcome 2017. I had to go to the corner store because I needed something to eat. I was craving soup. Normally I would try to get New England Clam Chowder but … Continue reading

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