Deplorable Politics

I’m watching David Axelrod on CNN talking about how the George Bush administration handled the transition of power professionally with Obama. This is the mantra that has been repeated many times. Axelrod stated that the Obama campaign was rough on the former President.

I’m sorry but all of the folks that want to equate what we went through as politics as usual are wrong.

I’ve lived long enough to have seen rough elections. I’m a political junkie as much as I am a comic junkie so I study election results, I get articles and I spend hours channel surfing gathering information.

What we endured the past few years was not politics as usual. The man who will soon become President demanded that the current President, the first President who was not White like previous Presidents, show his birth certificate. For almost seven years the soon to be President wouldn’t acknowledge the current President was born here and had the right to be President.

This President has accomplished a lot and has had some failures. Those are policy issues and decisions that can be argued and debated about. Those are debates that fall into politics as usual. Rudy Guliani was on Fox news and CNN and would not take off the table possible charges given to Clinton about her foundation. Sleazy, deplorable but fits within politics as usual.

It isn’t regular politics to demand the birth certificate of a President. It isn’t regular that when one is presented, another one is demanded because the first one was a short form and not a long form. When the long form was presented, Trump would not say he was wrong, would not declare the document as legitimate. Only a few months ago did the soon to be President say he accepted Obama on is word that he was born in Hawaii.

The Trump campaign for the White House wasn’t politics as usual. It was deplorable and for me it’s not going to be something I’m going to brush aside.

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  1. Neicole Crepeau says:

    Absolutely agree. This is beyond the pale. On the plus side, since he doesn’t understand the position and is too much of an egomaniac to listen to advisors, there’s a good chance he’ll do something illegal and impeachable in the first year.

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