2 Men Shot By Cops. America Yawns.

I don’t have the energy to be mad anymore. No energy to be sad. I mean seriously, before starting work yesterday I hear the news of the shooting in Louisiana by the police of a black man and less than 24 hours later there another shooting by police of another black male in Minnesota. This is on top of the mass shooting in Orlando less than a month ago.

I’ve written a lot of these reflections over the past few years. There’s no mystery in knowing what to write, what my feelings are, and the results of those shootings, be it the individual black person, and you know what I’m going to be fair and say the unlawful shooting of any individual by law enforcement, just so the parsing, nit picking individuals won’t have another thing to jump on me about, and the mass shooting. People will sit at their computers, retweet heartfelt words of condolences, and then will do nothing. Politicians will do their moment of silence then do nothing. We will all wait for the next shooting to occur and we will repeat the cycle.

Maybe later I’ll write more about my anger about the apathy I see and the contempt I have for a vast majority of the American public for not getting off their butts and using the rights we have guaranteed by the constitution and march, protest and letting their voices be heard.

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