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Trying to Find Genuine Holiday Cheer

American citizens barely got the turkey or whatever holiday meal they were preparing out of the kitchen and onto the dining table before the Christmas/winter holiday season went into full mode. Before going to sleep last night news shows had … Continue reading

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Black ‘Truthers’ and why Black Lives Matter

It’s hard for people to understand how other people live. We can empathize, we can give support but to actually understand how the neighbor lives is difficult. When there is something we don’t understand, in a lot of instances we … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Confession

Early this morning I saw a story on the morning local news show a story about James Wright Chanel. It was one of those stories that only happens in America where we will bestow the words ‘viral video’ and ‘instant … Continue reading

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Reluctant Job Applicants for President

People who know me know I am an honest person – Ben Carson 11/10/2015 Guess what, Mr. Carson, I don’t know you. I haven’t met you, I haven’t bought your book, I don’t have a clear understanding of who you … Continue reading

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Leave it to Beaver’s friend Chuey for President

The Republican Party is at a very odd point on the road to their political convention and if they are incredibly lucky, the White House. When I see the list of contenders, the way the Republican electorate has embarrassed some … Continue reading

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Fear Is the Mind Killer

Next year is a Presidential election year, so there will be a huge focus on issues and strong voter turnout. The conventional wisdom is that when there is a large turnout at the polls, conservative measures and candidates suffer. When … Continue reading

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