The Chaotic Fringe Response to Those Who Disagree with #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh

To the conservative people out there in social media. I have seen a lot of you commenting on the SC throw down by Officer Ben Fields. Actually, a better representation of what I have seen is people who believe the student was in the wrong or had it coming referring to a National Review article by David French. The article I wrote this morning isn’t a direct response to the David French one, but reading that article after I wrote and posted my piece for Chaotic Fringe got me thinking about how when people have a certain view of the truth, what people now like to call their truth, only items supporting ‘their truth’ will be believed. They will cling to that truth, will find things to support that truth, without considering the possibility their truth is wrong.

Instead of taking the time to consider other possibilities, in fact, instead of even trying to other articles outside of the right wing world, or in the case of this incident finding another source to support your position, the one article by David French has become the de facto standard bearer for those who feel the girl had it coming and the officer was correct in his actions.

Oh, sorry, you don’t like the way I put that sentence? Well, that just proves my point. When you take away the cushion, telling you that you feel the officer was correct in forcibly yanking a teenager, yanking her out of her seat, dragging her across the floor then pinning her down while handcuffs are put on her, if you feel this is acceptable, then you and I have a vast difference of opinion about what it means to be disruptive in class.

If you feel the officer was right in what he did, I don’t want to hear you bitch and moan about draconian school policies again, because what has been clear in all of the sources about what happened in this case was that the student initially pulled out her cellphone, then refused to leave the class when the teacher and school administrator asked her to.

Lott has said that he isn’t sure race was a factor in what happened in the video, adding during a press conference that Fields has been dating an African American woman for quite some time.

Lott has said that he isn’t sure race was a factor in what happened in the video, adding during a press conference that Fields has been dating an African American woman for quite some time.

She didn’t do anything violent. I will allow for the possibility the student mouthed off to the teacher. I will allow that she could have cursed off the school administrator. By the way, if that had happened you know damn well when the Sheriff Lott came out with his press conference, where he made sure that the press knew that race couldn’t be a factor in the officer’s conduct because Officer Fields has been ‘dating a black woman for some time’ would have made sure the press knew the girl mouthed off at the school official and teacher. He definitely made a point of saying the girl took a swing at the officer, which I will admit did occur when the officer when up to her surrounded her and picked up her chair and bent it back. Yes, she was swinging as the chair went back but curiously doesn’t take another swing at the officer once he had her on the ground. No kicking, no swinging as she was being dragged across the floor. That seems a bit odd to be, but then I’m giving both sides benefit of the doubt.

But, yes, from now on I should expect you are perfectly willing to follow the rules set up by authority figures on school campuses. I would love it if I could use in all situations but I’ll give you baby steps. Let’s start with schools first. So when a kid makes a clock that a teacher says looks like a bomb, then let’s arrest that kid. OK, good, that has been done. So the next time a child brings a plastic knife to school, that child should be arrested. The next time a kid points their finger like a gun at another person, that child should be arrested. If a teenager defies the lawful request of a teacher to put away a cellphone, that child should be arrested.

That is what you’re asking for, and before you claim this incident was different, I bring you to what everyone has agreed upon. The student was considered disruptive to the class because she pulled out a cellphone. Let’s say she was talking on the cellphone; I still maintain talking on a cellphone in class doesn’t resort of a police officer being called in to take down the student. However, if that is the country you want to live in, where you should lawfully follow the rules, then don’t bitch when rules you don’t agree with are challenged, either innocently or deliberately. To challenge rules is to challenge authority, so the kid bringing the plastic knife to school is defying the rules and should be punished, no questions needed. The kid that wears the Confederate Flag to school should be arrested, since the school has a dress code.

I know that you aren’t going to stay quiet and let this incident be your come to Jesus moment. You will continue to use a fluid method to decided whose side your on in discussions like this. The kid with the plastic knife at school and detained will still be championed by you as an example of draconian laws going too far. You will still defend the student with the Confederate Flag T shirt to wear his Southern or rebel pride proud because as an American he has the freedom of speech. In contrast you will still be in favor of police dragging a teenage girl in class because she had the nerve to disrupt the classroom with a phone and didn’t show deference to authority figures. You will also support the school authorities and police officer who had another girl in that same class arrested because she verbally questioned why force was used by the officer.

That’s why I say we will agree to disagree on this matter, because the person who doesn’t question the use of force by authority figures will be the one who will have force used on them and no one will be there to stand up for their rights.

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